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    Win XP displaying network

    michael is right. will fix your problems.
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    Please recommend a budget videocard

    I would recommend a Radeon 9600 pro. Fast and the most bang for your buck (IMHO) I would stay away from nvidia for a while.
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    Software Engineers

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    Word Association

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    Amazing Games

    wow... addicting games.
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    xPod, Microsofts Answer to the iPod

    hahahahaah... good times... must have more.....
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    Slackware and Swaret

    I know the feeling... oh how i wish i lived in arizona. SCREW THE FEDS!!!!! :D
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    fastest download app?

    so whats the deal yo? flashget or lightning download?
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    fastest download app?

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    OSX on PC

    haha, it would indeed be a better fight.. :) - at least bad marketing wouldn't be a factor.... :) but you can't really argue with quantative data.. (unless your really, really good) It's more of a slap in the face that makes you go ooooh! you're right!
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    Matrix Revolutions

    lol.. good one xie.
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    Nuclear Computer Systems

    They are... If you own communication, you own the world. And Microsoft is trying very, very hard. :)
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    ATI Drivers for 9600XT ??

    Hmm.. weird. I have Vice City (9500 Pro card) and it works just fine for me. Have you tried reinstalling the game? Also, as for drivers, I would recommend omega drivers. I currently use DNA drivers, but I had fewer problems with the omega drivers.
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    MSI or Sapphire?

    get the 9600.. you won't be dissapointed.
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    Sad Sad Day

    Accidents suck. Even the small ones.