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    New job!!!!

    Good job both of you :)
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    Where have you been? :)
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    my ten year aniversary

    I miss this place :( It used to be so vibrant, once. Now, not so much. EP. What's the plans for this place? Are you doing a revamp?
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    New job!!!!

    Congratulations amigo :) It's been a couple of months now, how have you been liking it?
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    Constant tearing in MPC and flash plugin!

    Have you tried VLC? Give it a shot and see if the tearing still exists. If it is not, the problem is likely in MPC. If it is still tearing, there may be other issues,
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    February 2013 Desktop Screenshots

    A couple of wall's from a little while back. I keep rotating between them.
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    [Movie Review] Prometheus

    Leftist bull****? It was standard Damon Lindelof crap with a number of retarded religious ideas tossed in. What specific "leftist" ideas were you able to discern?
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    News Windows 8 to be launched october 26th ...

    Seems like it's doing relatively well. The reviews are in and folks are warming up to it now they can actually use it and learn how to take advantage of the changes.
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    News Windows 8 to be launched october 26th ...

    Exactly what I thought :) I personally love Windows 8. I guess had I posted the news article, I would have said "I still think Windows 8 will be a big success, and I'll never use a MAC". :lick:
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    Windows 7 hanging before installer

    That is a lot of work to get it going, but glad you figured it out. Strange I didn't see this thread before :(
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    News Windows 8 Consumer Preview Available

    I went ahead and flipped my main system over to Windows 8 (x64). Running awesomely :) Honestly, I have no idea what the naysayers are on about. The start screen (metro) makes perfect sense and you can see a heck of a lot more on it than you can on a standard start menu. You can still make...
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    News Apple CEO on friending Facebook, educating Siri and killing Ping

    You were almost forced to at least participate with the Ping program when it launched in iTunes. Heck, I DETEST iTunes and I am forced to use that POS too :(
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    Dell Service/Product complaints

    The service levels are actually much better than they were a few years back and Dell is consistently rated higher than the majority of it's competition for certain product lines. I am not sure about Vostro line but their customer and tech support should be able to resolve anything that falls...
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    [Movie Review] Prometheus

    I'll add to this thread as well :) The movie was highly anticipated amongst my friends and I simply because it was Ridley flippin SCOTT !!! The movie starts of with a weird kind of tone, the opening scene sets no real foundation. Instead, it raises questions and ambiguity. As we...