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    dealing with .ISO's

    isobuster is a good one....
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    How to use the Windows XP Recovery Console

    You need to slipstream your CD with the latest service pack if you are running it.... That should fix the problem.
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    Electoral College Discussion (opinons and why)

    This is why the Census is so important... The Electoral College votes that a state get are based off it. Anthe rpoint... If we we're a democracy, popular vote would count, but we are a Republic. <just recite the pledge of allegience>.
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    Counter Strike: KFC Style

    that was funny sh|t
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    Counter Strike: KFC Style

    circumvent.... Fu[k that
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    FahrenHYPE 911

    Well said fimchick!!!
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    XP install and RAID Drivers

    Sorry RaidR Floppies are the worst form of is the zip drive. USB Flash drives.... $18. 128MB Flash drive = ~50 floppies.... bootable... copy small files to other computers... Every computer today has a usb port (if not....time to upgrade). Faster transfer speeds than a...
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    Second Presidential Debate

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    Stunning W M D Development!!!

    Wow...everyone is POTUS material
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    Nforce2 board with video

    If you get an n-force 2 board with onboard video...make sure you buy real good memory, or it will be buggy. Also, I have purchased a lot of the MSI boards...They don't like Kingston value RAM very much. Best luck with the Hyper-X type.
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    My New System

    If you plan on playing HalfLife 2 or DoomIII might want to get the AIW 9600
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    IE6 Bend Close?

    use msconfig to see if is in your startup......
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    Best way to format hard drive

    Or boot from the win xp cd and you can format and partition your drive with the install
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    Hard Drive problem

    not to insult anyones intelligence, but are the jumpers set correctly? the the primary master and slave enabled? Did you do any bios updates before this happened?
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    Documents and Settings

    TweakUI should do the trick