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    Happy Birthday ElectronicPunk

    Have a good one EP. :up:
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    Happy B-Day Electronic Punk

    Have a good one EP :up: BTW, why is there no "Post Reply" button at the top of the thread as well.Saves scrolling. ;)
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    Happy Birthday Reverend!

    Hey thanks guys. To egghead, "Australia" ??? :confused: i think you've had one too many of my birthday beers. I'm am a proud Englishman in the UK.
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    The OSNN Debate

    EP,i didn't realize you was an Orchid lover. OSNN :)
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    Thanks to EP & Md

    If you are referring to the header design at Techzonez,can i just point out,(and i'm sure EP will confirm it),we were using the Orbitz style on our forums and front page about 6 months before NTFS. Also the vbulletin style we are both using is the standard vb3 default one.Like EP,we are not...
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    Thanks to EP & Md

    Just wanted to say a big thanks to EP & MdSalih for helping fix a problem we had with our front page after we upgraded to vB3. Cheers guys. ;)