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    Who Uses Anti Virus?

    I actually run Norton 10 on my Mac. I mainly run it because I use my Mac to virus-filter my emails. Speaking of Mac anti-virus, I really think that if a company is going to release a virus scanner for a platform that rarely (if at all) gets viruses, they should still make the scanner function...
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    Which Distribution

    Knoppix is known for its Live CD. I don't know of many people using Knoppix as a main distro. As far as Ubuntu is concerned, I would have to do with that. It's debian based so installing applications on it is fairly simple (apt-get) and using it is even simpler. For a person who is looking for...
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    2 Pc's on LAN via Crossover Cable

    Just noticed something. Did you setup the connections manually or did you run Internet Connection Sharing? If you did setup the connection manually, try doing this: PC 1 (computer with ADSL connection): Note: Do this on the network adapter that is connected to the other computer. IP Address...
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    PCI bandwith issue

    Re: PCI bacnwith issue This sounds like possibly a bad PCI bus. Have you tried moving the card to a different PCI slot and trying again?
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    Raid 0 stripe windows only showing one drive size? Please help.

    You may need to reinstall Windows XP. When it asks you in the beginning of the install if you wish to install RAID drivers, you'll need to do so and insert your disk that has the RAID drivers (I believe XP will only search a Floppy drive). From here, it appears as though your nVidia software is...
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    Cannot install SuSe or run a live CD

    Two thoughts: 1. Are you running a newer model Dell? This happens frequently on a few newer models of Dell computers because the graphics card's memory is BIOS controlled until a PnP OS allocates more memory to it. Since most UNIX-based distro's can't allocate this until after the OS has...
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    2 Pc's on LAN via Crossover Cable

    Have you checked to make sure that you have Guest access enabled on both computers? If you don't, you will have to have identical usernames/passwords on the computers in order to easily view the files that you shared.
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    The Official WWDC 2005 Thread

    I, for one, will definately not install Windows Longhorn on the PowerMac that I'm going to buy when it has the Intel chip. However, I definately will have my copy of Leopard running on that PowerMac just fine. I can't wait to see how this turns out. The one thing that I want to know is that the...
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    Xbox 360 to be backwards compatible

    I agree here. It's going to be an undertaking. Love to see Microsoft pull it off.
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    Xbox 360 to be backwards compatible

    We know that it will be backward compatible. However, what we are discussing is how much more Microsoft is going to add to the cost for it since the 360 is going to be sold as two units, one that is backward compatible and one that isn't.
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    Xbox 360 to be backwards compatible

    That's true. It is a simple process. But, you also have to note that the architechture is completely different. The PS2/PS architechture was not that far off so it was easier to emulate. With the XBox/360, it's a little more complicated since the emulation process has to be good enough to...
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    Xbox 360 to be backwards compatible

    They both use the same types of discs, yes. But the difference is that XBox 360's games will be in a completely different format. In order to have backward compatibility, there must be processor emulation as a PowerPC based processor is NOT the same as an Intel processor (in the XBox). Now...
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    Xbox 360 kiosks running G5 systems

    Yep. I remember when Sony first talked about the cell. At the time, the cell's concept made it over 1000X more powerful than PC's of the day. To date, the cell is what, still 20X more powerful than the PC's of today. Imagine a video game console with more power under its belt than a PC of the...
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    Xbox 360 kiosks running G5 systems

    One thing that I have noticed since being an active E3 media person for a few years is that this isn't Microsoft's first time that they have done this. When the XBox was originally presented at E3, my buddy and I were in the Media section and noticed that a few games were blue-screening. We...
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    Deal on Tiger

    It's $69 for me with my educational deal.