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    SATA and XP Pro SP1

    Hi Guys, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.Been quite sometimes since I last did my posts. I am going to buy a new system just to support the present one in my office now.Its cheap, damn cheap but come with no OS.I intend to install XP Pro SP1 into it.The problem is ( for me ) this thing comes with...
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    between avi and mpeg2

    I just need some quick answers regarding the topic above.Which is better in term of video quality , avi or mpeg2 ? Thanks
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    TVisto 3500

    Firstly , I don't know whether this is the correct forum to go. Anyway. anyone out there have Metal Galaxy's TVisto 3500 ? I just received mine, but could not get it to work.Been trying to update the firmware but I can't.Everytime I turned...
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    Nero and DVD drives

    Firmware ? Do I really need that ? Got to check
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    Nero and DVD drives

    Just a question here.I've got a pc with dvd drive which I bought many years ago and installed Nero 5.5 which I also had bought seperately and been running fine for many years. Recently I wanted to upgrade my drive (d/layer,and speed) bought a drive (LG brand) and it came with a bundled Nero...
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    To Vista or not ?

    Yeah...dual boot as Sazar had said....
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    To Vista or not ?

    Yo !! guys...thansk for all the word.So stop debating , maybe it was my fault for wanting to know whether it is worth it or not ...just a final word : I am on my way to get the Vista !! Alas...if I don't like it I can just turn back to XP isn't it ? :P
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    To Vista or not ?

    Okay...then I will have one pc running Vista and one running XP Pro.I'll get back to you all in 6 months and see what differences so I get....thank you all for postings..:)
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    To Vista or not ? I'm seeing's not the money matter.It's about whether hardwares works or not , smooth operations of applications , though I have another pc running on Vista Business but had problems with Nero and MPEG to DVD maker...keep in coming guys...before I invest my good 'ol 400$ !!
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    To Vista or not ?

    Pardon me to ask this sort of question.With all the feedbacks we can read on the net , I am a bit confused whether to Vista or not.I know my PC specs is more than enough for Vista , I uses more for e mails, surfing and work , doesn't play games on it.Only always concern regarding speed , though...
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    Made new PC but slow

    Thanks LeeJend, no...not for Vista this time.I think I will uninstall and reinstall the drivers as you said. Previousy was using XP Pro and 1.25Gb 266 Mhz ram Now thinking of buying a new motherboard and cpu.
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    Made new PC but slow

    Vid card Ge Force GT7300....what do you mean by pc not fast ? The spec is much better than the one I'm using now....and this one really has no problem..I 'll try hijack this and will keep on posting..Just a question ...why run Hijack this ?
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    Made new PC but slow

    Hi Guys, I made a new PC last week but seems to be running very slow.I need some opinions.See the specs. AMD Sempron 3.0 DDR2 1.50 Gb Memory 400Mhz Motherboard PC Partner RX480AK7-A69X Socket 754 256 DDR2 PCIe Vid card Win XP Pro Software installed: Microsoft Works / Dreamweaver MX / Photoshop 7...
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    Vista and Dreamweaver

    Has anyone has any problem running Dreamweaver with Vista ? My Dreamweaver seem to be a little slower or refuse to respond.Crashes a few times Dreamweaver MX by the way....
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    Has anyone installed Nero on Vista?

    No...Nero goes crazy with Vista..luckily I did a search and found ImgBurn..working good, it's free and much better and easier than Nero.I agree with vertigo when he said that :"people need to wake up to realise that Nero is a crap" - being a hard darn user of Nero myself since Win 98, it a good...