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    Windows 7 XP Mode

    then you will see the xp compatible apps under the all programs>>>virtual pc>>>windows xp mode applications. works great. Noobs wont even know they are running the app under a VM.
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    Happy Birthday ElectronicPunk

    happy birthday bud...told ya I'd come over and lurk ;)
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    just checking in

    Glad to see some familar faces. hope everyone is doing great over here. I now have a link on my tool bar so I wont try to be such a stranger.
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    just checking in

    Hey ol' timers hope you guys remember me. just saw EP over at Techzonez so I thought I would stop by and say HI. :up: :cool: :up:
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    Happy Birthday Reverend!

    I come to visit and this is the new thread that I found...wait a minute I am at OSNN right. ;)
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    Happy birthday Electronic Phunk err Punk !

    Happy b-day bud.
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    Pics from our crash

    well guess thats a total loss. man I hope no one got injured.
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    [Birthday Time] happy Birthday's To:

    happy birthday xsiv. I posted a b-day wish for ya over at TZ too. ;)
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    How do you create a Win98 boot cd?

    try this
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    How do you create a Win98 boot cd? is the best place heres a dos win98 boot cd image
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    My doom 3 screen shots.

    I have the same card and it runs fine at that res. I have it set to med. quality and its not jumpy at all.
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    lol omg!!

    heres another one.
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    WebBased MSN Messenger

    well any others out there came in today and they already blocked it. ;(
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    not talkin to gonaads anymore...

    cant believe you're putting these guys in the same league as the dead. I mean weird al. :eek: