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    I got married!

    I pop into osnn and the first post I see is someone getting married :) Congratulations!
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    my night with Les Paul

    I've just read the first post (can't believe I missed it), an excellent work! Sad to hear that he passed away- gives me another reason to watch that BBC documentary I taped ages ago.
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    XP LAN issues

    Sounds a lot like my other, old XP computer, with its tempermental network connection to my router. Most of the time, I had to go to control panel -> network connections and disable the connection (via right-click menu) before the router gives the computer an IP address via DHCP. I've never...
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    Nvidia Geforce 9800GX2

    has nvidia released the new drivers for it? I read in a magazine about the current drivers having compatibility issues between the card and some games. I think they managed to test crysis and fear on it though. Edit: Ah, nevermind, looks like I was only reading a preview of the card, rather...
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    Word document help, probably really simple anwser!

    That's a good question, and I don't think it's possible to lock tables (I've never really thought about it)? You could do what we used to have at uni and make 'forms', where the user can only type in a section that is clicked on. I remember seeing some tutorials about on google, but it might...
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    Half Life 2: Episode 2 <released>

    my brother seems to be loving it, and some of the quotes are hilarious, especially the banter involving the AR3 and "radio operator" :)
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    Buying a new laptop

    You won't be able to upgrade the onboard one, no, there's very few laptops which let you upgrade the graphics card at all (and they're pretty costly). Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with the intel graphics card thing, no idea how well HL2 would run on it (just know that it won't be...
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    Buying a new laptop

    Half Life 2 scales down pretty well, so it sort of works for most graphics cards (it runs fine on my old 5600 XT. However, I have a feeling it won't do too well on an onboard graphics card. If you're really serious about gaming on a laptop, I would probably try and go for a dedicated graphics...
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    Wii secrets, cheats, Photos, Support

    We got our wii on Monday, a few days after it was officially released over here via amazon. Zelda is proving to be an excellent game so far, I think my brother has a few hours left before finishing the game. Wii Sports though is hellishly addictive- for something so simple, it certainly makes...
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    Google Cheat Sheet

    Great stuff, I didn't even know google had so many services other tha the popular ones :)
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    Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

    Been playing it on and off the past few days, currenly around 10 hours in with an archer/thief, and it's been great so far, haven't really touched the main quest yet. Looting is so much fun, the fear of getting caught while making a major heist is excellent :D The modding community is in...
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    What are you listening to?

    Just picked up Bluetones' new compliation 'A Rough Outline', lots of great b-sides on the discs :) Mostly listening to "Keep the Home Fires Burning"
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    BF2 Euro Force Released!

    Some good maps, but nothing that really interests me (BF2 needs another karkland!). Weapons are fun to use though, but only the Euro Force has the ability to use them. Other than that, unless you're likely to play much of the new maps, its not really worth it :(
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    Nintendo 64

    I had some spare time and managed to dig it up from the closet. Still works very well, Goldeneye is great fun, but it hasn't aged very well. I can't remember it having so much slow-down during large-sclae explosions :)
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    Elder Scrolls: Oblivion

    Nice, quick upgrade before the impending release. The other comp in the household has a 6800GT, but no games will be allowed on that for the time being. I'll have to make do with a much lower spec card :nervous: