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    Has Windows 7 killed this site?

    Speaking solely for myself, I've gone from a uni student with loads of time and some disposable income to employee with no time and even less disposable income, so that means fewer new computer parts. :p Nonetheless, I haven't forgotten about this place!
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    Importing Hardware from U.S. to Canada?

    Actually, I want to note that I have no desire to commit tax fraud. I'm quite happy to declare my purchases at the border and provide the receipts--but I just want to know what to expect. Do they assess GST or GST+PST? And would I expect to have to pay duty on computer parts? I'm just...
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    Importing Hardware from U.S. to Canada?

    I believe there's a few Canadians here, so I was wondering if anyone has had to deal with this question. I've noticed just looking at and that the prices (and, in some case, selection) are quite substantially different. If I were to buy the hardware in the U.S., does...
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    Who is still around from the old regime?

    I guess one could say I'm a recurring guest veteran. :p
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    Explorer.exe slow to open after IE8 Update?

    Just updated to IE8 myself, and I'm not having that problem either.
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    XBox 360 or PS3?

    Just bought RE5 this morning before work. I can't wait to play it! Oh and since I've been playing it a few weeks now... It does have the technical issues that everyone noted, like the slow disc loading times and the battle frame rate issues. Nonetheless, loading the game onto the hard...
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    Good bye DSL - You flipping suck !

    Goddamn. I wonder what I'd even do with that? How nice, though--especially the upload speed! What's the faster tier anyway?
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    Good bye DSL - You flipping suck !

    I have 10mbps cable internet in Toronto for $55 a month with a monthly 95 GB transfer limit before paying overage fees. If I wanted to pay close to $100 a month, I could get 18mbps...with the same 95 GB transfer. Considering I came from the U.S. Midwest, where you'd get 768 kbps DSL for $40 a...
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    Is this true?

    Well, a lot of people have already said it, but... 1) North America is the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Greenland, and all Central American countries. Half of Iceland is also on the North American continental shelf. 2) I'm sorry, but I think that getting all worked up over referring colloquially...
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    Windows Experience Index Error...

    Finally found out what was causing this! Turns out it was a bug in MacDrive 7. It pestered me to check for updates today after not checking for a while, and, reading release notes, it turns out that version 7.2.1 caused the Windows Experience Index to fail only in Vista 64. It apparently was...
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    Resident evil 5 demo

    Played the XBox 360 demo, and, at least there, I had to switch to a controller setting self-described as based on the RE4 controls. Once I did that, I felt quite at home. Definitely a game I'm looking forward to.
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    XBox 360 or PS3?

    I'm enjoying it quite a bit, so far! I had a really hard time with the controller, at first, which made me wonder if I was getting too old for gaming (heh...), but it only took a couple of days for me to get a great handle on it. Since this is the first console I've had where I've actually...
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    XBox 360 or PS3?

    It's also 12V, but it's 14A, not 12.1A, which I think is the determining factor for the Jasper CPUs. So far, so good, though. I was expecting the console to be "louder," based on complaints, but I don't think it's all that bad. And I've got a 60 GB hard drive with this one, which I'm hoping...
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    XBox 360 or PS3?

    Well, here's a complete twist in my story. I've got an XBox 360 Pro unit now! What happened is that, with my $100 Rogers Plus gift card toward the purchase of a game console that I could only spend there, when it came time to buy a PS3, they only had 40 GB consoles with the old SIXAXIS...
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    XBox 360 or PS3?

    Well, frankly, I think I'm leaning back to the PS3 again. I just saw the Killzone 2 trailer, and I'm really very pumped for that. I can live without the Fallout 3 DLC, I guess. And if FF Versus XIII is PS3 exclusive, as rumoured, I'll have to get this anyway. I will also likely get an XBox 360...