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    Black screen windows 7 ?

    'media buttons on my keyboard' = third party drivers for your hardware - what brand are you running? Can you duplicate the black screen effect in other games? Can you duplicate it by using Windows hot keys like ALT+TAB to go to your desktop? I have found Windows 7 to be the first Windows...
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    News Windows 7 WGA bypassed already?

    Wasn't that obvious to everyone? (that this would happen) We did the same to Vista. Actually, for fun, go check out the MS procedure to change a product key on say, windows2003. The procedure involves tricking Windows by deactivating it and reactivating it by saying, you guessed it, 'I...
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    win2003 server and Vista Client not saving password

    Remove all your networking drives on the Vista box. Map the network share from the Vista station, using command prompt For example to map a drive to 'theshare' on 'server' - and applying it as letter 'z' : At the command prompt, you would type net use z: \server\theshare /persistent:yes...
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    New OSNN theme / site launched

    The new design is REALLY NICE. ;) Shakes
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    News Firefox 3.5.1 Released

    Nope, still bloated and unreliable. Long live Google Chrome
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    News CCleaner 2.22.968

    Uncheck the option.
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    Pidgin or other IM client to manage

    If you are using Spark for personal use, it's a decent solution. Would never use it for business purposes. Last update of Spark appears to be about 18 months old at first check? Odd.
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    Anyone Tried Old XP Games on 7

    Try turning off DEP for the program.
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    *Urgent* DHCP server quit working

    Re: *Urgent* DCHP server quit working This thread is hilarious. Lord seems to be only sane one. Give us the EVENT LOG errors.
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    Sharing a CAT 5 socket

    Call your Helpdesk and open a medium ticket. It's an infrastructure job to deal with that ****e. :)
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    Best Router

    Your service still isn't even fast enough to over take Wireless B That being said, I will totally agree with earlier posts, the ISP's modem needs replacin. Linksys (Cisco) is fine, with STANDARD firmware.
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    [HOWTO] Remove Vundo from your PC

    Stopzilla is still garbage. He is dead on. Uninstall, ask for refund. Safe mode, a pair of eyes, hijackthis, spybot and adaware are the only tools you need for any of the vundu variety (spoofing DLLs and sticking silly, obvious hooks into the system - usually via rundll32, LOL these writers...
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    10 ways to make chrome better than firefox

    Don't need any 'ways' - Chrome is just plain better.
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    dvd decrypting on linux?

    Might as well use Windows then eh?
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    My buddy from M$ hooks me up again :)

    I have the latest XP build and it works fine. :)