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    SBS2003, internal messenger service?

    I don't know about live messanger, but a company I currently do a project for is using internal SIP server for the windows messanger. People can add contacts from the GAL, but no outside contacts. I'm pretty sure that's disabled by choice. Windows messanger can also sign into exchange... Have...
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    Multiple internet connections

    Hi everyone, Me and a friend of mine live in the same building, just one floor apart. We both have internet connections, he has cable and I have DSL. The network setup at this time is (kind of complicated to explain): 4 pc's: KLAUS, dhcp, wireless, laptop ROGER, dhcp, wireless, laptop...
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    date/time of last successful domain logon

    Hi all, Here at work we have few laptops that are using cached credentials from a NT domain that is unavailable. These computers are mainly used by outside contractors. Now, since a week or two we had two computers fail the logon process because of expired credentials. We have no way of...
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    Assigning multiple addresses to a network adapter(win 2003 server)

    I just re-read the post... You added the to the server's NIC and now you ping the server hostname "BACKUP" from two different machines; one is getting reply from the 192-address and the other from the 151-address? If the above is the case: Alter DNS config to have a hostname for...
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    Assigning multiple addresses to a network adapter(win 2003 server)

    Check the dns records on your dns server. You can create A-records for the IP adresses... for example: Primary ip address: hostname server.domain.local Secondary address: hosname server_backup.domain.local The server probably updated it's dns record on the dns...
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    Half Life Games

    opposing force is an add-on for HL1 (just like blue shift)...
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    What should I get?

    You're from the states right? Why don't you get a VW Golf V GTI? It looks great, it's german, it's fast, it's not too big, not small either and it's sexy (yeah, I do drive Golf V but a TDI version - GTI just drinks too much) =)
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    To answer trainmaster's question; I smoke pot. I live in belgium so it takes me about 45 minutes to get to Breda (which is in The Netherlands) and buy me some weed. I don't do other drugs, and I do not drink alcohol (excpet my birthday and new years eve, you know, lil champagne) It's been years...
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    Data recovery, software RAID, striped volume

    I'll give that a try, thnx Carpo
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    Data recovery, software RAID, striped volume

    Hi guys, Yesterday my striped volume failed and I'm having problems recovering the data. I run Win2k3 SBS SP2, with four IDE HD's. One 80Gb HD is basic, devided in three partitions for the OS, user home folders and the swap. The other three disks are Seagetes 320Gb, 1 of them DYNAMIC GPT...
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    Ubuntu install hangs

    Ok, tried installing again with all possible devices unplugged, only PS/2 keyboqrd was connected and the install crahed again. I let it sit there for like 10 minutes and nothing happened... I ran the cd check and the memory test and passed both. ... what should I look @ now? thnx Lukas
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    Does MS Outlook 2000 have a logging feature?

    Maybe totally not worth posting because another issue could be causing this, but I rememeber from some years back when I worked @ ISP end-user helpdesk we would get some issues with Outlook just sitting there on message one of X and doing nothing. I also remember that it was caused by the first...
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    XP Pro problem with Login/Domain

    Chief, I think you meant Maximedia? :-) L.
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    Creative Webcam Live Pro

    I thought the file couldn't be found on the webserver. Now I see you meant drivers while installing hardware. Sorry, Mondays....
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    Creative Webcam Live Pro

    ... nevermind.