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    Opera and related applications discussion

    one innovation i like in opera is the way the Forward button and the Forward mouse gesture works. If there is no page in history to go forward, the Forward command will look for a link in current page with the word "next" and automatically follows the link. For example, if you use the forward...
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    k-Lite is now charging!!??!!

    it could be that the domain was hijacked... somebody else is trying to make money from it... most people already gave up on kazaa since it most of the files there are corrupt/fake... try going to the real kazaa lite site at
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    Opera Discussion

    i find this tweak increases the apparent browsing speed go to preferences->windows ... next to Loading, set it to Redraw Instantly... default is redraw after 1 sec.
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    Firebird scroll bar missing

    thanks... i really don't know which files to back up.. i changed the theme back to default but still doesn't work... so i deleted the profile folder, the mozilla folder, reinstall mozilla, installed the theme i used before, and install the extension i used before... no problem so far....
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    Who has $1000 to spare?

    read this: **This item is NOT REFUNDABLE, exchange for same exact item only!!** nicee.... you're screwed...
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    Firebird scroll bar missing

    a friend of mine use my firebird and now the scroll bar, the back button and the forward button is missing. i tried right clicking on the toolbar to add the buttons back but they weren't there. restore default icons didn't help either. i deleted the mozilla folder and extracting it back but...
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    Does anybody know any FREE...

    well... i've always like Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard... Start->All Programs->Accessories
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    What CPU should i choose AMD or INTEL?

    i thought HT only makes a difference for HT optimized applications.... i have to agree that motherboard is the more important choice whicever way you choose to go....
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    MailWasher Pro

    is it true the new version can check my yahoo mail? i know the old versions can read hotmail..... i've been using eprompter since it's the only thing that can check yahoo..
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    Blocked from site?

    my buddy had a similar problem but with .... luckily he can use .... the only other thing i can think of right now is somehow the DNS cache on your pc has been corrupted. I don't really think this will work but you can try typing in a command window "ipconfig...
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    Blocked from site?

    it could be something nasty happened to you hosts file in the windows folder. check if is in the entry c:\windows\systems32\drivers\etc\ open the file HOSTS with any text editor.
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    Internet Explorer (and variants) discussion

    this actually belongs to tweak section but here it goes To speed up browsing you can set so that IE does not check for updated page when you hit the Back button. Go to Tools->Options... under Temporary Internet Folder click Settings. Check the "Every time you start Internet Explorer" button.
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    Opera Discussion

    Did you know that "Forward" button (and the "Forward" mouse gesture) in Opera looks for the word "Next" with a link in page and automatically go to the link? Did you know that when you're browsing a folder with a lot of pictures, the Forward button and gesture automatically goes to the next...
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    DHCP Mishap

    the only way I figure out my ISP DNS is by connecting a computer directly to net bypassing the router. Run ipconfig /all in a command box. my router does not display the DNS.
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    Firebird Discussion

    i'm using firebird optimized for pentium 4 and the speed is out of this world... my primary browser is opera but i always thought MSIE as the fastest browser... until i found firebird... i got it from this site.. i got the one that says...