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    SP2 Continually Restarting (not AMD64 or UMAX)

    Ok, I need some help here. I'll go through the process step by step so maybe somebody can give me an idea of what I need to do. 1. I was running XP with SP1 installed and I noticed that when I hooked my old DVD drive back up it would crash before windows got started. I stuck in my XP cd and...
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    Halo 2

    Same here. I played both versions of the original and definitely preferred the PC version. The controller will never replace the mouse and keyboard when it comes to fps.
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    Halo 2

    North American release date for Halo (XBox): 11/14/01 North American release date for Halo (PC): 9/30/03
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    Doom III Review

    The montser closet things have really been bugging me. I'm somewhat of an aspiring architect, and I'm sitting here thinking, "why would they build a little closet with a spring loaded hatch door, with no vents, no cabinets, etc?" Quite convenient how its just big enough to fit an imp in there...
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    Doom III Review

    I just finished the hell level and am now back in the Delta Labs. For those that have finished the game, is that the only hell level in the game? It was incredible, I wish more of the game was that way. I was disappointed to end up back in the lab, I was just wondering if I get to make my way...
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    Stuck in Hell, in Doom III

    I actually just finished beating that monster. How do you have the soul cube already? I got it after that battle. Anyway, before you jump into the green stuff that leads to the fight, if you walk around the ouside of it there is a BFG over in a corner. Having said that, you don't need the BFG :p...
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    Doom III Review

    It was just a shock, I'm not used to things dying so easily in this game. :p
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    Doom III Review

    That may be true, but it's not like he's saying that the games are similar because its a fps. He stated a few specific examples like the way the enemies spawn. HL may owe some credit to Doom for pioneering the genre and what not, but that doesn't mean credit for every single thing in the game...
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    Halo 2 Trailer marketing scheme (

    Somebody brought this to my attention a few days ago. I've read some pretty interesting things about it now (there's so much out there!!). Somebody decoded that strange message, with the countdown, to say something about the single player demo being released. However, he also noted that the...
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    Doom III Review

    Well I've made it quite a bit farther now. I'll admit that it has gotten better. The closer you get to the end, the more the game tries to mess with your head. I'm constantly finding myself out of ammo and having to chainsaw my way through some parts whlie voices taunt me and pentagrams appear...
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    Doom III Review

    Well I was semi-excited for Doom 3, and after about a half hour playing it.... I'm bored. I'm on the third or fourth level I think, and I'm already losing the will to play. I guess I'm not one for confined factory settings with no map, where all you do is run and shoot. It bothers me so much...
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    August 2004 Desktop Screen Shots

    Ok, this is my first post here for a few months. Theme: Waning Luna Wall: from modded by me Trillian: Microscopic Open Edition: Nocturnal Ash Sonique 2: Default skin, red theme. Samurize for system/disk/network stats. Go ahead, CLICK IT!!
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    Are you Gay?

    I got 40%, but I think it's wrong to assume that my best friend is a guy. I answered yes to the "Do you think your best friend is sexy," but they didn't have an option that said "Yes, SHE is very sexy."
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    The Village

    One of my friends saw a midnight screening of this last night and is trying to spread the word today that the movie is absolutley horrible. He even set his away message on aim to read, "The Villiage is sooooooooo bad." lol Personally I hated the Sixth Sense and Signs, and wasn't planning on...