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    Does Motorola Phonetools Charge V3?

    All moto phones generally give a different charge level when charging. It is explained in the manual but does not make a lot of sense. Try using a better quality USB cable, it will make a difference. Note BB USB cables generally generate the message charge complete on the phone and this is an error.
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    Network Setup - Step by Step

    Router all the way. Go wireless if you can swing the slight upcharge in cost
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    BenQ flat panel display TFT - 17" Active Matrix

    Intresting, I bought a Benq 19" lcd, did not read the fine print and assumed the resolution would equal a crt screen. Ooooops!!!!!! Hoping I could reproduce a much larger screen space fo MS Project than my tosh laptop but the resolution rates are much lower. However great moniter otherwise...
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    Anti-Virus Test Results

    Interesting, couple of things Installed sp2 on my laptop - the "new" security alerts tell me I am not protected. XP sp2 does not include KAV as an "approved" AV program. Been using for 2 yr. now Absolutely no problems combined with ZA pro ( I tried Kerio but I had conflicts, liked the...
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    Yahoo Inc.'s new Anti-Spy

    I thought Yahoo was using their own engine now
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    ne1 know of ne good antivirus & firewall software?

    Kaspersky, Zone Alarm Pro, router So far, so good.
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    Backup/Image Software - Who recommends what?

    Try second copy 2000 I use it for all my data backups between images
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    File still stuck on my computer

    Same problem except it in the restore dir> AVG finds it but when you a complete scan no luck????
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    Laptop Firewall

    Clarification The programs install fine but BSODs occur after install during normal bootup
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    Laptop Firewall

    I am having problems successfully installing a firewall on my laptop. I only need it when travelling as I am behind a Linux box at work and linksys at home though it cant hurt. I have tried Kerio and Outpost(1st choices) as well as Zone alarm. BSOD result on boot up. Tosh Satellite 5200 intel...
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    Linksys & VPN

    linksys firmware arrr!!!!! Try this link for 3rd party firmware ( I use wi-fi ) but there are one or two others. Reading the forum most of these problems are solved, however not using linksys firmware
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    OSNN Firewall Poll

    Thanks for the input
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    OSNN Firewall Poll

    thanks for the info
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    OSNN Firewall Poll

    I am behind a linksys router at home and linux firewall at work. however my laptop goes many places. On Enyo's recommendation I downloaded OP 2 and tried to install it. 1st BSOD I have had on either of my Tosh laptops (5100 stolen, now 5200). Looking at the Outpost forum trying to solve the...
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    How to clean thermal compound

    I would not use paint thinner as it will leave a residue that could interfere with the new application of thermal paste. If you have old thermal paste or, worse, one of the thick pads use a razor blade to remove most of the goop. Then use lacquer thinner,or one of its ingredients acetone or...