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    Font managers

    Hi guys, Does anybody know of a font manager that will distinguish between diff kinds of fonts and seperate them for you? I currently have Suitcase and Font Expert. And I have about 1.5G of fonts. (Not installed of course) Id like to put the diff kinds of fonts into seperate folders for easier...
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    music file editor/decompiler

    Thanks Johnny. You say contact line6? I dont understand.
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    music file editor/decompiler

    Thanks guys. I'll give em all a try. :) Edit: My friend tells me that the file he wants to edit is like a flash file for a PODxt Live unit itself. He tried wordpad but no luck. Then he tried to open it in Linux and it says it's a binary file. :suprised:
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    music file editor/decompiler

    Anyone know of a music file editor and/or decompiler? I know that XT is a FastTracker Music Track extension. Tryin to edit an XTF file. Actually its not for me, but a friend of mine. Thanks. :)
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    Uploading avi's

    Cool, thanks NetRyder. :)
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    Uploading avi's

    Anybody know good places to upload small avi's (up to 20mb.) where I can simply copy/paste the link provided to it, so that others can simply click on the link to view the same?
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    About Laptops ...

    Thanks LeeJend. :)
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    About Laptops ...

    I was jus wonderin a few things about notebook computers. What is a notebook with "dedicated graphics"? Do any of them come with PCI Express vid cards? Whats a good size monitor to get with one that would have good pixelation to view graphics in PhotoShop? Do any of them come with a...
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    Widescreen 19"

    I use an ACER 1913w WIDESCREEN 19" inch monitor that uses a 1440x900 resolution that I bought on sale brand new for $275. Very cheap, couldnt resist. Maybe you could fund a deal too. I bought mine from Seems to work very nice for the games.
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    Here's hoping I don't have to reformat

    Cool, thank you sir. :)
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    Updated Graphix an Stuff

    Hey guys, thanks bunches.
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    George Carlin on New Orleans, This pretty much sums it all up:

    Nice one, whoever wrote it. :)
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    Here's hoping I don't have to reformat

    Hey guys, I was just lookin at this boot.ini thing. Under boot options I see a box I could check that says minimal. If I check that will it increase boot speed much? There is also a /noguiboot option. Does that eliminate the bios readout on boot up?
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    Transparent Sigs/etc

    I have usually said "screw it" for the IE users an go w/png's. Except for teh animations of course. :P
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    Collage Software

    It does offer free trial.