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    Fences 1.0 - Desktop Icon Organization

    Fences 1.0 has been released. Fences works by allowing users to "draw" labeled shaded areas on the desktop, which become movable & resizable containers for any desktop icon. These groups can help bring organization and consistency to your computer's desktop, solving the "constant mess" problem...
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    MyColors 2.5 with 'Think Green' Theme

    MyColors 2.5 has been released, and a new free theme called Think Green was also released. Download: MyColors 2.5 (free download, free and paid themes available)
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    mac dock for windows - which is the one to use?

    ObjectDock. :)
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    Show us vista widgets

    I made this for anyone following the election. Download: Election Countdown 2008
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    May 2008 Desktop Screenshots

    BlackGlass skin for WindowBlinds 6 Wallpaper - I wish I was here ObjectDock Plus
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    March 2008 Desktops Screenshots

    WindowBlinds - Aero Metal Click for bigger
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    November 2007 Desktop Screenshots

    WindowBlinds 6 on Vista with the Harmony skin recolored Wall - Webshots ObjectDock Plus IconPackager
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    October 2007 Desktop Screenshots

    WindowBlinds 6 with the RIP 2007 suite ObjectDock Plus Rest in Peace animated wallpaper Bigger
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    September 2007 Desktop Screenshots

    WindowBlinds - Sexy Wallpaper - Desktop Vacation ObjectDock Plus IconPackager - Aqualix Vista
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    July 2007 Desktop Screenshots

    WindowBlinds - Vienna for Vista Wall - Webshots ObjectDock Plus
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    Picture viewer

    I had the same problem. Vista installed a driver for my monitor and it corrupted the color profile. Installing the driver from the monitors website fixed the problem. :)
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    Y'z Dock

    I first try using a dock several years ago, and haven't taken it off since. It's a big time saver for me, and the addition of tabbed docks is even more worth it. :)
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    Y'z Dock

    There are two versions. ObjectDock is free, and there is a Plus version that adds features such as tabbed docks. :)
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    Y'z Dock

    Yes, ObjectDock 1.5 is compatible with Vista. It was one of the first things I installed on Vista. :)