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    Office XP and Windows Vista

    while final vista may be different, while beta testing vista I was able to run both office 2000 and office xp without any problems. I even seen reports of some running office 97.
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    Break in.

    Police told us to make sure you pull them back inside after you shoot them.
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    Announcing Windows Home Server Release Candidate

    I received a fm radio back when xp was being beta tested. after that nothing except the privilege of using the software for free till it ran out. guess thats not so bad LOL
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    Problems finding drivers for Panasonic CF-51 Laptop, audio

    I do not know if these are the ones you are looking for but go here Anyway they were easy to find by way of
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    Looking for Tv Tuner Card drivers

    Try here or here I got the drivers for my card at sourceforge. Hope it helps
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    some social security ideas are good ones

    and don't forget that the social security fund has been raided by congress many times to pay for their pet projects. If even part of the money was paid back the fund could also be solvent again. A person would be taking chances on the stock market or oney market with the private fund but then...
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    Happy New Year

    May your new year be joyous and prosperous.
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    blue screen errors on xp

    reflash your motherboard bios. it is corupt.
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    OSNN Anti-Virus Poll

    On the computers here at home I should clarify since I voted for avast. I have Avast and Avg installed. 3 Avast & 3 AVG. Botyh have worked very well. Avg has caught every virus that I know of that my son has gotten from file sharing on kazzalite, which he is getting better at being more...
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    Virus in System Restore Point(s)

    I installed avast and it found and cleaned a virus in my restore points. Nortons and McAffee both missed it. Maybe it was just luck that Avast found it but it made a believer out of me. By the way I also use AVG on other computers I own and it has worked very well also.
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    Saw Something Funny Today

    I use to chase those people cause the doctor couldn't lock the door.
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    Windows XP SP2 - Front Page News.. thoughts?

    I have installed winxpsp2, home and pro, on 4 different computers. Even the wifes junky hp just for giggles to see how it would do. All the computers work like a million bucks. Yes I am a beta tester for sp2. I have found it to be a very good service pack and will advice others to install it...
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    I'm Back!

    Yep..know the feeling. Had to reregister my self.
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    Ahhhhh...remember well. Used alot of the info to tweak my xp box. Felt like I had found alot of new friends.
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    Need an old HP 5 scanner driver

    Check out this site and see if this will help. Only possible driver I can see is for win 2000 which will work