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    News Steve Jobs has died

    Re: Steve Jobs died. A giant. Godspeed.
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    I know a couple of folks with one. One really is into it, the other other not so much but still a thumbs up.
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    Android Hash Codes

    Thanks. I love my Android and your info is going to help me utilze even more. I am looking forward to more of your posts.
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    News White iPhone 4 confirmed to be released April 28th.

    They wanted to "get every detail right"? Let me see: black...white, black..white. Thank God the new phone isn't magenta. They never would have got it released
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    The Official “New To This Community” Thread

    Hello from Indianapolis Indiana I'm Jeff Downer, a Indianapolis bail bondsman . I act as my own IT guy and webmaster and so need all the tech help I can get. This place has been a great resource for me. Thanks.
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    News The other patch Tuesday - Microsoft updates

    So that's what was going on. Thanks explaining what was going on. Every time I shut down or booted up the updating would hold me up. Annoying. I was afraid there had been some security issues.
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    free browsers for mobile phones

    Has anyone tried the Firefox browser for the Android? I would be interested to hearing about your experiences. Thanks.
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    best programs for android?

    I can't live or run my my business without my Android. Something important, although not a specific app to me is it is https capable. Apps I enjoy or find useful are: Files Anywhere (awesome) Weather Bug Local News Apps Facebook XRay Scanner (a lot of laughs) Pandora