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    The Official WWDC 2005 Thread

    Apple w/ Intel Inside. Can you imaging Apple dipping their fingers in WINE? Run Windows binaries naitevly in OS X... Centrino Powerbooks... Oh I can't wait! The G5 Powerbook would have been better... but I'll hapily take an Aluminum Centrino Powerbook (assuming they stick w/ the Power name...
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    Nintendo Revolution news

    I'm hoping they do a subscription based service. There is only one way I could see paying for the old games individually... and not much $$ at that. Maybe $5.00 each tops. I could justify this if for example, I could pull up contra 2 player with the second player being a friend of mine in...
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    Nintendo Revolution news "Every Nintendo Game Ever Made" Brings a new idea to the phrase of backwards compatibility. The only question is, how much? If its a subscription based setup similar to Live, and you have access to the full library, I think thats a great way...
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    Nintendo Revolution news

    So again, I've now read that the Revolution will be roughly 3-5 times more powerfull than the game cube. This does not put it anywhere near what the 360 and the PS3 are capable of. We will see shortly, but what makes big N so confident?
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    PlayStation 3 to Change E3

    Now... We know the 360 (less the B.C. issue), and we know the PS3. My big question, what makes Big N so confident it will call its console, Revolution.
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    Do we need a National ID Card?

    While some may argue that the fourth amendment protects against the casual request for identification, this may not be the case. For good or bad, the supreme court has decided that this only applies when a reasonable amount of privacy can be expected. The casual request for an ID is something...
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    Do we need a National ID Card?

    I'll jump into this thread late. I have done the typical thing and have NOT read everyone's arguments. If I cross something which has already been addressed, I'm sorry. I think people need to relax about the Orelian nightmare they are envisioning. The UK is in a much worse position right now...
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    Firewall+VPN Appliance

    Whats up X? Why aren't you in #osnn? Anyway, the SElinux is a step in the right direction for me. Thanks. Do you happen to know what vpn server they used, and if all administration was done through CLI? Lastly, do you know of an open-sourced VPN Server that can do MS-CHAP to take advantage...
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    Firewall+VPN Appliance

    I've been doing a lot of research lately about Firewall+VPN Appliances. My god do these companies make a lot of money off of their customers. You have to buy the hardware, buy the support contract, and last... if you don't like it, you can't return it! So, the question has been raised. A...
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    Separate DVI and VGA to one screen?

    Thats why someone invented the KVM
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    New site - pls comment

    I agree with Geffy, validate it. I will also go one step futher and recomend against using frames and tables for layout.
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    Web Page Stats

    If this is for a comercial application, you could pony up for Webtrends.
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    SATA Raid?

    He can't... sorry, I ment to link this card:
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    New Moniter / TV

    Comeon, no-one wants to take a stab at this? I would still like some help interpretating the HDCP protocol.
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    visual help

    I don't know, but the concepts show below (c#) should be similar. The goal you have is to create an object. This object needs certain properties. You need a string to return a class variable of movie_title. You need boolean values [] to determine if...