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    Nvidia Component video resize bug

    Re: New GeForce drivers and HDTV desktops Driver bug confirmed. Update from nVidia: Hello Glass, I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. This issue has been fixed however the fix won't be incorporated until our next Release 185 branch is available. This will likely be sometime in...
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    Nvidia Component video resize bug

    Re: New GeForce drivers and HDTV desktops I opened a ticket with nVidia and was informed "The issue you are experiencing is not a general behavior of the graphics card or the graphics driver." They go on to tell me to uninstall my existing drivers, clean them out with Driver Sweeper, and...
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    Nvidia Component video resize bug

    Re: New GeForce drivers and HDTV desktops Yea, I believe this is only affecting component folks.
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    Nvidia Component video resize bug

    I dual output to an HDTV via component cables with my 8800 GTS 640, and every driver revision I have used up through 180.48 allowed me to resize the HDTV desktop through the nVidia Control Panel to fill the screen completely. But beginning with 181.20 on through the current 182.08, the resize...
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    Extremely odd CRC issues and beeping/chirping noises

    A few days ago I began getting CRC corrupt file errors when trying to extract RAR files. I would redownload them over and over again and noticed something strange. Files were sometimes showing as corrupt, and sometimes not, before any resuming was done on them. So I decided to run the files...
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    2x1GB + 2x1GB = BSOD

    Ja, I'm leaving it at 3GB for now until a DX10 only game forces me to use Vista, it was just the hanging at the BIOS that really concerned me. I would go the XP64 route but a lot of stuff won't run, specifically a decent firewall.
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    2x1GB + 2x1GB = BSOD

    Interesting. That doesn't account for hanging at the initial BIOS screen though. I went ahead and moved over to the other set of DIMM slots on the motherboard, no changes. Asus has a "Qualified Vendor List" of compatible RAM, and this particular model is not on it, so I will probably go with an...
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    2x1GB + 2x1GB = BSOD

    I have 4x1GB DDR2-6400 Crucial Ballistix RAM modules. If I only use 2x1GB at a time, everything works fine, but when I add all of them to the system, it will hang at the BIOS loading screen or Windows will BSOD immediately after boot with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. Originally I thought one of the...
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    Prevent spontaneous modification of speaker settings

    I have a 7.1 surround setup, and I find myself constantly having to go into control panel > sounds and audio devices > advanced speaker settings and set it back to 7.1 because it keeps setting itself back to desktop stereo. It may be Counter-Strike or some other game that causes this, so where...
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    Best way to run ethernet cabling along the ceiling/wall?

    I've got 125 feet of ethernet cable I'd like to run into the next room on the edge of the ceiling. Are there any special kind of staples I should use or is there a certain way to do it to make sure the cable stays secure and also does not get damaged..?
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    Largest rabbit in the world? -BBC pic-

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    The Person Above Me

    th eeprson above me cnanot spell relay
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    The Person Above Me

    th e eprson above me
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    Can't axx net with 2 NICs

    I have 2 network cards in my computer, one of which goes into my cable modem and the other into my Xbox. If both of my network cards are enabled I cannot access the internet from my PC, but my Xbox can tap into my PC. As soon as I disable the NIC designated for my Xbox, the net becomes...
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    Extract incomplete RAR archives?

    Say you have part4.rar of an .mpg file. How do you extract just the bit of video in that particular .rar so you can sample the video? I tried the keep broken files setting, but it does not work. Apparently that's just for bad checksums or something.