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    Duplicates File Finder

    Can anyone recommend an application that allows zipped archives to be scanned for duplicate files (free or shareware)?
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    What kinda vehicle u drive? (for those who can drive)

    Here's my ride. All the comforts of home. Signature Series with a total of 1220 watts RMS from an Alpine/Dr. Crankenstein system with Audiobahn subs.
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    HTML Editor Recommendation

    Thanks all for the insight. I guess it's off to w3schools for me!
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    Irfanview Updated to 3.90
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    Board Reputation Points?

    Me or the point system?:confused:
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    Board Reputation Points?

    I should get a few points for starting this thread!:rolleyes: :D
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    Board Reputation Points?

    What are these forum reputation points about? I got 10 according to Is this good or bad?:confused:
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    Total Commander Update

    TC update to 6.03 - cheers!
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    PerfectDisk Vs. Diskeeper

    I am happy with PerfectDisk on my XP systems. Never any problem and PC Pitstop scores prove it an effective defragger. DiskState is also part of my disk maintenance arsenal. :cool:
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    HTML Editor Recommendation

    Dreamweaver looks nice but too expensive for me. I've been testing NoteTab Pro and so far I like.
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    4.4 Catalyst Released

    Fast, very, very FAST! Heading over to Swiftech for a CRT cooler... :D
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    What size is your HD?

    My, that's a very personal question... :D
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    HTML Editor Recommendation

    Thanks for the insight, I'll checkout EditPlus.
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    HTML Editor Recommendation

    Ok, I'll check it out. These are the applications that I'm considering: AceHTML Pro HTML Kit Coffeecup HTML
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    HTML Editor Recommendation

    I'm looking for an HTML Editor and would welcome any recommendations. My price range is up to $100.00 (USD). Must be stable, reliable and not require a PhD. in HTML editing.