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    How do I get Ubuntu to work with a LexMark x125 printer?

    Lexmark is notorious for not releasing linux drivers, you can check CUPS and see if they have a driver for that particular model, the lexmark forum for linux is remarkably pathetic.
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    Movie Review: Inception

    Wait the twilight movies are classics? Since when did we become 14 year old girls? Come on Saz, give us a little credit. :)
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    What Stormtroopers Do on their Day off

    That was awesome..
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    OSNN Fantasy Football Thread

    In, again, for purely masochistic reasons. I like getting my butt kicked, over and over. Makes me feel like Mlakrid. :D sorry Mike, couldn't resist.
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    I'm an idiot - video card edition

    even ATI's midrange stuff is doing pretty well, so you don't have to be rich or insane. Seriously, though, you are still ahead of the curve regarding PSUs we have not hit that threshold where we can actually pump a thousand watts through a board. aside from teh video card you are not in bad...
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    Sigr - Forum Signature Generator, feedback.

    looks nice, how come you are not running sig on yours?
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    A movie you hated, but EVERYBODY seemed to like

    Turn in your SciFi credibility card. It was 1976, when it was released, you couldn't get any more cheesier than that. Everything in the 70's was cheesy.
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    I got married!

    Excellent news. Congratulations.
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    would you like a piece of ass for the weekend?

    :laugh:that was good.
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    I pwn money (maybe)

    Hiya MFG! what is the old hard drive? Cases well you are asking for opinions so I am sure they will vary.
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    Funny Video Thread

    ok, you gotta admit, this is hilarious Lindsay Lohan's eHarmony Profile from Lindsay Lohan and Eric Appel - Video
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    my sisters internet safari

    Very nice place she has. Lots of well trained animals. That opening, I did not need to see that.
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    Delete home network and create new one

    Under network settings for each computer, just enter the new network name for all computers. once you do that they should all see each other, as long as your setings a for that network.
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    New Zealand Trip Walls

    beautiful place, why do those sheep look nervous?
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    Funny Video Thread

    NSFW I seem to be having a theme here....don't know why. Girls Gone Wild Syndrome