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    Compatibility issue?

    I've tried that to no avail. I've gone to the Logitech forums and I am not the only one to experience this, and no one had an answer there.
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    Compatibility issue?

    Ok, I have the xbox 360 wireless controller for my PC, and I now have the Logitech MX5500 Keyboard and Mouse set, (which is Bluetooth). Now they will not work together. I didn't think the xbox controller was Bluetooth, otherwise, why would it interfere with the keyboard and mouse and Vice versa?
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    [Official] STALKER: Clear Sky

    Played the original with an Opteron setup and had no issues, and that was @ 1680x1050. Now I play it @ 1920x1200 with all the bennys, with my current setup below, still no issues! I am looking forward to Clear Sky, just haven't gotten around to it yet, playing to many different games.
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    Need CPU check for a main board.

    No problem Heeter, I'm glad I could help!
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    Need CPU check for a main board.

    Intel Core 2 Duo E4700 seems to be the fastest you can use
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    iPhone 3G

    I'm sorry to say. I am having loads fun with this thing. Too, whoever has one, definitely download the Koi Pond app, it is too cool!
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    iPhone 3G

    Guess what I have my iPhone and I am making this post with it. This is so much fun!!!
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    iPhone 3G

    LOL...I just got the call thats its in. I will let everyone know whats up after I get it!!!
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    iPhone 3G

    Well, it looks like my phone will be in today! Woohoo!
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    Monitor Specs

    I have the Gateway FHD2400 and I love it. I was going to post the link to newegg where I got mine, but they don't have it anymore. I am pretty sure you can still get it from Gateway.
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    iPhone 3G

    Man, there was a lot to read through, but guess what, I am getting my 8Gig Tuesday!!! I can't wait!!!
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    Geforce GTX 280

    Personally, even though ATis ahead technology wise and maybe even a bit speed wise, I will still stick to nVidia. I will be getting a 280 and giving my wife my 2 8800GTS G92s, and then eventually getting a second 280 for SLI. Just a note I run everything maxxed with my current system below.
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    X2 5600+ compared to Intels...

    I finally made the switch myself. My sig tells you what you need to know. AMD is still a good processor, but right now, Intel has more punch.
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    July 2008 Desktop Screenshots

    Stormweaver - What did you use to get the Vista button under XP?
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    AVG Reseller

    Let me know when you can do stateside!