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    Anybody Facebook'ers wanna help a fellow techy?

    oh. haha. doy. My actual name is Ryan Petko. should be the 17th comment from the very top of the list when you click to show more/all comments.
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    Anybody Facebook'ers wanna help a fellow techy?

    Would greatly appreciate the help if you would. Could add me as a friend, too. You see.... Archos is having this little challenge.... and the prize is one of their new Generation 9 tablets, once they're released for sale. The thing is... you need to try to recruit the most fans, and have your...
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    New favourite Top Gear clip

    Well.... those little poles in the drive thru probably didn't cost a whole lot. They actually looked like those flexible ones you see around now. You know... the ones they basically PLAN on the idiot drivers of the world to hit at some point or another, usually in the near future. And oddly...
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    News World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - Release Date Confirmed

    Yea.... i still really don't know if i wanna grab this day 1..... or even month 1. I'm already gonna have Black Ops.... Assassins Creed: Brotherhood....... possibly Goldeneye 007 for Wii..... and even if i do get Cataclysm.... i'll probably wind up doing the same thing i've done for the last...
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    2 Core to 1

    Not exactly sure what OS you're using.... but if you're using Windows 7 (or maybe even Vista... don't remember).... you can do it in a SOOOOO much easier way than using some other crap software. open the task manager, right click the process you wish to limit, select "Set Affinity", voila.
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    News World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - Release Date Confirmed

    Yea... i think that's the one thing that's always a tossup with developers when i comes to digital downloads or retail boxed. You either have to pay for servers to be able to handle the amount of traffic, or pay a publisher to put the game on the shelves. Bouncing.... i thought about the CE...
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    News World of Warcraft: Cataclysm - Release Date Confirmed

    ray.... i highly doubt anyone will be getting it a day or two early. I don't recall ever seeing such a thing happen.... at least when it comes to WoW. Bouncing: You actually have to wait outside stores? Wow..... i could more than likely wander into WalMart mid-day and find ample copies...
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    FS US: Asus EeePC 1002HA

    Figured i'd give this section of the forums a bit of an update with a NON-spammy/scammy post. Just wondering if anyone might be in the market for a netbook.... cause i'm lookin to sell my EeePC 1002HA. Hardly ever use it anymore (Hell... hardly ever used it when i got it. Might be able to...
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    A movie you hated, but EVERYBODY seemed to like

    Tittles: Dude.... a LotR class in high school? Do i even want to know what high school you went to?
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    Funny Picture Thread

    i know... it's not a picture... but i just can't stop laughing at this little animation!!!
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    Official WOW Thread

    kinda outdated... but wanna comment on Remar's post. Yes.... they made it a bit easier to do stuff.... like how they lowered the experience needed to get to a certain point and such. But think of it this way. pretty much EVERYTHING that you EVER see in a patch or new expansion..... is...
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    New build- looking for advice

    So.... in other words... you're saying that having a peak throughput of 600MB/s wouldn't be noticable to most people compared to 300MB/s? Kinda seems a little contradictory to the idea of you saying you noticed a HUGE difference between a Raptor and a SSD. pretty sure double the bandwidth is...
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    New computer build - PSU question

    yea.... on-board video shares system memory.
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    Trillian 5 beta download ...

    Yea... but if i remember correctly, even when they released Astra... it wasn't entirely considered a completed release.... it was just more of a "Well, it's been in alpha too f*cking long already, let's just get the thing out the door" kinda ordeal.
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    New build- looking for advice

    the only HDD that comes close to even the OCZ Core V2 is the Velociraptor.... and even then.... it doesn't have nearly as quick of a seek time, nor does it have the advantage of having no change to the read/write speeds due to location on a platter. Hell, the V2 doesn't even have it's own...