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    Windows 7 X64 upgrade

    Would this work? I basically create a 20GB partition on my existing 200GB OS drive which has Vista X64 on it. I install Windows 7 on the new 20GB partition and slowly expand this partitions size as I copy things over from the Vista X64 partition. Eventually I delete the Vista X64 partition...
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    Windows 7 X64 upgrade

    Has anyone upgraded from Vista X64 to Windows 7 X64? I'd like to know whether its a good idea to upgrade over Vista X64 and whether all settings like favourites, desktop icons and other stuff like program settings are retained in the upgrade. Thanks.
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    IE8 and tabs opening order

    In IE7, any new tabs would open next to the tab currently being viewd but now the tabs are opening at the end of the current tabs. What setting do I need to change to make the tab opening order like it was in IE7? Thanks.
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    Merging Expression Web with Office 2007?

    How can I merge Expression Web with Office 2007 so when I install Office 2007, Expression Web is also installed with it? I already added Office 2007 SP1 into the updates folder but also want to add Expression Web. Thanks.
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    Which Is The Fastest?

    Newsgroups (NNTP) Nuff said ;)
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    Importing cookies from IE7

    I am about to do a clean install of Windows XP and want to import my cookies from my current install to the new one so I don't have to re-enter all of my username and passwords on websites. How can I do this? Thanks!
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    Earth tremor?

    It was working when I posted and its working now :yowch: Its downgraded to a 5.2. Still quite a powerful quake, one of the most powerful in the last 25 years of UK history with the 1984 quake surpassing this one at 5.4 on the richter scale.
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    Earth tremor?

    It was 5.3 and felt quite shakey here in Manchester. Lasted areound 5 seconds and the whole house was shaking sort of like it was on a jelly mould foundation.
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    Renaming a device?

    Thanks Fitz, I'll give that a try but will backup my registry first or create a system restore beforehand. ------- I just tried it and there were no grey items in device manager. Very strange.
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    Renaming a device?

    I tried editing the name at those locations American Zombie but I get this error:
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    Renaming a device?

    I uninstalled a driver for my network card and when I reinstalled it, the device name looks like this under Device Manager: I don't quite understand why the device name is appended with a #3 instead of looking like this which is how it was before: How can I fix this? Thanks!
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    Slow image viewing on desktop

    I have a strange problem which I haven't been able to fix. Basically, any image I open on the desktop with the "Windows Picture and Fax Viewer" takes 4 seconds to load no matter how big or small. I hear the hard drive grinding. If I open the same images not located at "C:\Documents and...
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    32-bit or 64-bit?

    Yep, I'll be gaming on it.
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    32-bit or 64-bit?

    I have just ordered parts for a new PC I'm building for myself. The processor is the Intel Core 2 Duo E4300. Would I be better off running a 32-bit operating system or 64-bit operating system? Vista or XP? Thanks.
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    Which power supply?

    Which one is better? Coolermaster IGreen 430W PSU - 85% Efficiency ATX12V v2.2 120mm Fan - +12V @ 27A Antec EarthWatts 430W 80%+ Efficiency PSU - 80mm Fan 4x SATA PCI-E - +12V @ 30A Thanks!