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    "kick ass" the movie

    Seen it, think its a great movie - Nick Cage has finally done something to redeem himself after that horrible wicker man remake. Think that Chole Grace Moret was great as well, seems like a go-getter and will probably be in more action movies in the future.
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    The Really Long Thread

    erm, this is for post 13169? :P
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    May 2010 Dektop Screenshots

    What desktop theme / skinning software is that? Stardock or something else?
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    I was fooled by a virus

    To be honest if your gettings something that keeps resetting back to "borked" settings rebuilding is faster, if you have a recently saved image. You can wrestle with entrenched systems but you either have to have really crucial data on there or alot of time to do it.
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    Windows 7 delete wierdness

    I've seen this as well when messing about with copying things between my old XP rig and my 7 box. Sounds as though the math calculations borked when working out the deleted items!
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    News iPad Release Dates

    Not convienced by the ipad 100% - it feels more like a technoligcal gap between a laptop and something more useful. Its the lack of USB ports and low battery power that let it down for me but I guess its good for those with silly amounts of cash who like gadgets. I'm not anti-apple as a whole...
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    Portal {game} free until May 24th (PC and OSX!)

    Worth getting, as its good for puzzle and people who like a good story in their games. Only downside is that the later levels rely a bit too much on reflexes over logic in the later levels
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    Which Codecs pack recommended?

    probably more down to the way the program is coded perris - probably uses a link to a more up-to-date codec repository. As to the attempt to play things that may not work - its probably easier not to code that which is why not many developers put it in.
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    I was fooled by a virus

    Re: might have been fooled by a virus oy, sounds like it modifies the local security permissions group policy settings well as doing other stuff if it forced all programs to run as administrator. We haven't seen this at work yet.
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    Starcraft 2 beta no longer secret!!!

    So I suppose its now open beta if people are reporting on it?
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    Bizarre downloading / speed

    Hello All, I've just recently got a strange problem in Windows 7, It reports the downloading speed is far lower than it is in reality - so I end up say in firefox with it saying its downloading at 100kbs a sec but it gets half way through the download then completes (and properly as well, as...
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    Windows 7 "Downgrade" to Home Premium From Pre RC Ultimate

    Righto, shame, but I can always move the info back up to my upstairs PC thats really essential. Also, I have my external HD.
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    Windows 7 "Downgrade" to Home Premium From Pre RC Ultimate

    The question is pretty much in the title, but does anyone know if this will be possible without having to wipe the Win 7 Ult. Partition I already have? Would be useful to do to keep the apps / data.
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    SetteMaxer for Windows 7

    Just saw this tool on a what looks like an italian website, it adjusts various reg settings like kill services timeouts and quickly disables things like Remote Registry Access and UAC. Its pretty basic, but useful if your a power tweaker and really want to get a quicker response time from...
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    Get Windows 7 FREE (legally)

    Just been checking the small print on the signup page and it says most events are limited to the United States in the where to send party pack section, so although its worth a shot if you are outside there will be limited "seats" available.