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    Resident evil 5 demo

    you can't really tell from the demo but i think it kinda does.
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    Resident evil 5 demo

    i have a PS3 also, and yeah that no walk and shoot thing can be troublesome,
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    Resident evil 5 demo

    Just download the demo from PSN and i think it's GREAT!:) if u wanna play together ADD ME: Davey_1586
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    Toshiba/Bluetooth Problem

    I just got a Toshiba Satellite A215,and when I try to use its bluetooth it says "Please plug in the Bluetooth device and click OK button". Can anyone help?
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    Do you think that PrisonBreak will survive another season

    well do ya? even though i loved the first season, i always thought that a show called prison break would long after they broke out. i mean the 2nd season wasn't great but im kinda hoping they can pull off another season. but what do u think? :rolleyes:
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    Youtube/CrashAnime/New Account

    does anyone know CrashAnime aka Gangsteranimecentral what is they're new youtube account if they have one, cuz both accounts recently got supended
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    What are you listening to?

    Addiction by Ryan Leslie and Google Me by Teyana Taylor 50th POST!!!!!!!
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    Nintendo Channel

    :) nintendo has just released a new channel this morning, where u can download ds demos from the wii to the ds. You can also watch nintendo related videos. I think this is so cool, now I can download new ds demos from home instead of standing around in gamestop.
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    is super mario galaxy gonna b any better?

    Ok I'm thinking about trading in my SMG game for super smash bros. brawl, so I was wondering if the game has other endings beside the crappy one you for 60 stars. Like is there any more hidden stuff/endings, or is that the one only ending.
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    mario cart wii

    Hey check out ign's preview Pretty cool stuff :)
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    iPod to pc transfer

    My hard drive crash and I lost 1000+ songs so long I'm wondering which is the best software to use to copy my iPod straight to my pc. Tune tools or copytrans or maybe there's some others I missed Please a haven't synced my iPod since late sept.
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    prison take a break

    Well I just hope if it stays on the story becomes more real and they dont have to break out of prison again.
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    RIP Heath Ledger

    I just can't believe this... It was so sudden... I just don't... (Sigh) :cry:
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    prison take a break

    does anyone think that prison break totally sucks now I mean how many times can u break out. I think someone predicted this " just long can a show called prison break last...they break out the end" I was hooked on the first and second season, but now it just sucks. What do u think?
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    mario cart wii

    ...yeah I heard some dates floating around the net one is March 15 (Sat), the next is April 30 (Wed). Either way if I think we will be hearing more about MKW in the coming weeks