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    [Movie Review] Napoleon Dynamite

    same here. a few dumb moments but i wouldnt watch it again. wasn't a great movie, but wasn't the ****test movie i've ever seen either. don't believe the hype.
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    MSN - browser settings

    i wish i was warned about this! TAKE NOTE! didn't see the option though... had a bit of a blunkett moment :cool:
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    auto save?

    sorry maybe this should be in applications forum?
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    auto save?

    :mad: second time in a week that i've lost quite a bit of design work due to crashes. does anyone know of any ways i can save things automatically every 10 minutes or so? im using illustrator if that makes any difference. can't rely on my memory to keep saving stuff anymore... proof that the...
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    Windows XP Home (with SP2)

    cheers im downloading it now apparently "i must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Khayman again." but its the thought that counts, ey!
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    Windows XP Home (with SP2)

    can i get SP2 off a "Windows XP Home Includes Service Pack 2" CD? where abouts is it on the cd? im asking because i can't get any further than the security warning on the windows update site telling me i need to install "windows update". i click it then it sends off the error to windows. :(
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    illustrator help

    say you got a circle that looks like () all one vector but wanted to make a cap in it so you could go back to just ) how can you do this?
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    Mozilla, Firefox, Thunderbird and other Gecko-based software discussion (Part 1)

    does anyone know how i can sort my bookmarks into alphabetical instead of all mixed up? also, is there any modded or nightly versions of firefox? i want one optimized for athlon xp... peace d
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    few questions about bluetooth

    im considering purchasing 2 bluetooth dongles to replace the long network cable that goes down the stairs in my house. i need a few things answering first though before i splash out. does it work through ceilings? will i still be able to network my xp pro pc with a windows 98 one? if im...
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    powerdvd/geforce error question

    i have tv out on my geforce - how do i disable this so i can watch dvds on powerdvd. its a geforce4 mx 4000 and i have no manual edit: this was fixed with a restart
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    Daemon Tools

    :( :confused: this happens when i try to mount this is after a reformat with sp1 installed. first time ive run it!
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    System Configuration Utility

    they were in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSConfig\startupreg thanks alot
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    System Configuration Utility

    as you can see on the screenshot (attached), ive had the blaster virus. is there a way of getting rid of these entires on the msconfig window as these no longer exist so why should they be an option to start up with windows?
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    Daemon Tools

    thats what i was thinking, but you can get a less alcoholic (?) version which just does the virtual drive thing can't you. reformatting tomorrow so will try it out before i do. thanks for your help everyone.