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    Help! Hijackthis log

    Not too good at going thru hijackthis logs.. anyone wanna take a stab at it? Have an issue with the homepage getting hijacked after the first time IE loads. first time IE starts at the proper page, then after going to a couple websites it gets sent to some random "Search FOr..." website with 1...
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    FTP Server

    yeah, i'm definately going to let him know about the dangers of free uploading...likely only going to be oneway...dl only
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    FTP Server

    oh yeah...and i'm going to have to figure out how to use a DynamicDNS joy joy
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    FTP Server

    Just got news that I'm likely to be setting up an FTP server for one of my neighbors shortly. ATM i have no idea of his set up. It's either going to be a separate box on a lan, or run on the main pc. either way we're probably just going to be dealing with windows. the guy just wants to be...
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    The proper way to defraggle

    i like JBL 12" subs to get my 1s and 0s in order
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    Post Your "My Documents" Folder!!!!

    mine here's mine. i would just like to share that i have kept the same wallpaper/theme for over a month. i would have tossed it up on that thread but i had it in april. been running BB4Win and just started another deskjob... i have to say that i really do dislike being forced into...
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    Hard drive clone of some kind

    FYI essentially what the imaged drive is for, is to reload the image onto the same computer. if you're trying to use it to swap the drive to a second computer, it's not going to work at all. as far as size goes, the drive that holds the image only needs to be roughly 1/3 of the size of the...
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    Worth it to upgrade from pc2700 to pc3200?

    i run a 2500+ with pc3200 underclocked to pc2700 at the moment. I have overclocked the FSB and dropped my multiplier so that i stayed at 1.8 Ghz to benchmark and didn't see much of a difference. if you're looking for a boost for gaming my suggestion would be a vid card upgrade. the top end vid...
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    free mp3 joiner

    found a freeware at didn't try it though
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    xp 3000+ or 64 2800+?

    I'm in about the same situation, only my GFX card is complete shiat. What I'm planing to do is go up over a gig of RAM and add a better gfx card. Currently AMD 2500+ MSI K7N2 Ultra 400 512 Kingston PC3200 (going to a gig of Corsair, prolly value ram, but paying xtra $$$ for low latency is...
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    MS Security Update Cd

    mine says february 2004 as well, only has updates to 10/2003
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    I should be able to do this....

    ^^ that's what i do
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    MS Security Update Cd

    the MS cd has patches up to October 2003 on it, so you're covered for Blaster on it.
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    MS Security Update Cd

    Being that I am a procrastinator extrodinaire, I meant to post this in February... I ordered the MS Security Update CD so that when I reformatt I can get the needed patches without connecting to the intarweb. I need to do that because someone on my little stretch of the 'net gives me at least...
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    Comcast aquires TechTV/fires staff.

    there's a couple petitions, and when it rolls into G4 i'm going to lose 80% of my TV watching