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    Barebone Kits?

    Hey guys i noticed barebone kits at tiger direct, do they install the motherboard for you, or are all the parts separate. I'm trying to find a retailer who will see me the motherboard and cpu already installed and I just add other components.
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    Multiple Monitor Graphics Cards

    I need some suggestion, i have a very powerful computer. I currently have one monitor. My computer has 3 pcix16 slots. I need a recommendation on video cards. I would like to run 4-6 monitors. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've seen the Quadro NV450, but afraid of its performance issues...
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    System Crashing

    I am not sure how to solve this problem, i have formatted my computer, and replaced a faulty network card. When i am running internet explorer 7.0 and outlook 2007, my computer locks up or stops responding when i click between the two. I have to pull the plug to turn it of since Task manager...
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    Upgrading Ram on A Sony vgc-v517g

    Does anyone know of any site or place that has directions on upgrading the ram on sony vgc-v517g. Its those all in one sony computers that look like the imac. I searched there sites and the links dont work.
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    Networking Problem

    I switched the computers with my dell lap top and the connection lit up and worked. I switched the working hp with the not working one and the connection worked. Its just windows saw low connectivity so it will be like you arent connected to the network. At first it would always say network...
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    Networking Problem

    I recently had my house wired, for ethernet. My computers all work, but recently i purchased three new computers. Two desktops which are the identical, and a Lap Top. I connected the first desktop and it worked on the internet. I connected the second and it says there limited internet? I...
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    SP2 Information & Support

    Winxp Pro Upgrade If i purchase winxp pro upgrade and install it over my current blocked version will it make my copy legit? I would probably get the winxp student discount since i have 4 comps and have a friend who is a student.
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    SP2 Information & Support

    SP2 DISABLED Windows Update I have been using the corporate version of winxp for a while and would like to know is there anyway around winxp sp2's windows update disabling of corporate versions of xp?
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    Kazza With SP2

    Is anyone having a problem with kazaa where after installing win xp service pack 2, the kazaa doesnt open it emedietly shuts down, and even after reinstalling kazaa again it keeps quitting itself?
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    Cable Modem/Router

    I will checkout the motorola product. Thanks
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    Cable Modem/Router

    Yes Yes, something so that i can cut down on the clutter on my desk.
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    Cable Modem/Router

    Hey i currently have a cable modem and a wireless router access point. Is there anyway to get a hybrid cable modem and router with say four ports or a cable modem with a wireless access point? Does anyone sell a system like that?
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    Bug In WINXP SP 2

    Dont Think So I tried 3 different computers with 2 different printers. All of the have the same problem in internet explorer click on page setup and you see small numbers, not .75. I entered .75 for all of them, but it would reset. This only happened on internet explorer, office printed out...
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    Bug In WINXP SP 2

    Has any realized that the service pack changes your print margins in internet explorer? Everything gets printed going of the page, and i have tried all the tricks to enter the margins manually, but it doesnt work. So if anyone is on registered beta tester please report this bug.
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    Internet Explorer Margins

    I went into regedit and changed the margins in page setup in the registery, but they dont change.