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    XP Reinstall

    Thanks for the info. I reinstalled xp 4 or 5 times, just not lately with all of the worms traveling the internet. I will be sure to be behind a router, and the first install will be norton antivirus software and the second will be blackice firewall. Thanks again.
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    XP Reinstall

    I am thinking about reinstalling xp from scratch. I was curious if any has recently reinstalled xp and has had trouble downloading the patches before being hit by viruses and worms? I don't want to download all of the patches for xp before I reinstall because that would take hours. Thanks...
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    Increase # of downloads

    How about using a browser other than IE? I have been extremely impressed by Mozilla Firefox and annoyed I put up with IE for so long. Firefox has lots of nice features and you have the ability to add extensions to increase the funtionality (Open source too). It also has a great download...
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    Email Problem

    fixed I think. I think I solved it. If anyone cares, it seems that I had a corrupted email message on the server. How it got there I don't know. I saw some posts in other forums about it so I used webaccess and noticed a few messages that were 21 days old. This was a red flag cause it...
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    Email Problem

    I am connecting through a cable modem and I have deleted it and recreated it several times.
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    Email Problem

    Starting a couple weeks ago I started having issues receiving my emails in a timely manner. I am able to send and receive...but I usually only get 1 or 2 new messages when I have 10 new ones. Relevant Information: 1. I can receive/send emails (process is unreliable, using pop). 2. It...
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    New Outlook Toolbar?

    Been to any of these sites?,,,,,,, and Dan
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    Logoff script

    It does alot. Basically the school I go to has every machine reimaging every single night and I wanted my settings to stay intact when I go from machine to machine. So when I log into the domain I automatically get a student drive. I basically set up a folder on this network drive to store...
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    Logoff script

    Anyone know of a way to define a logoff script using a logon script? Right now I am using a script that automatically starts the logoff process when it’s done. I would prefer the logoff button to cause the logoff script to run. Group policy isn't an option unless it can be configured via...
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    Wallpapers... Post and Request

    I really like those...Thanks. Right now I am thinking about writing a small vbs script to change the wallpaper as the day changes (e.g. show the night wallpaper when it is night and the day wallpaper when its during the day. etc.) Hopefully I can find some time. Dan
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    Our Favorite Tweaks

    Assign your own hostname to an ip. I don't think this has been posted before. If it has just ignore this tweak. This tweak allows you to assign your own names to anything with an IP. This is particularly useful if you are stuck with bad naming conventions on your network. 1. Navigate to...
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    Wireless configuration

    I manually set all of those settings on my computers wireless network card in an attempt to decrease startup times. It did help my times and I didn't have any issues reconnecting to the dlink router for a couple weeks. If you router is like mine then I think that problems will be...
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    Any of you use LiteStep?

    I used litestep for a while. It is a very cool program but I also found changing skins to be very troublesome. I also missed having a taskbar on both of my monitors. In the end I found it wasn't worth it and uninstalled it. IMO, don't waste your time unless you have time to spare. Dan
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    Possible Script?

    it seems you really only have the option I mentioned above. Write a small vb application that will open the comma delimited excel files (assuming from your other posts) and import it into access. Its much simpler than trying to continually import by hand or trying to get VBA to manipulate the...
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    Live webcam

    I should have made myself more clear. 1. Remote desktop to the computer that has the webcam. 2. Using the remote desktop connection, launch your webcam software that you typically use to take pictures/videos. 3. From the webcam software you will be able to see everything that the camera...