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    Guitar Hero Vs Rock Band

    There is a little app you can download for your PC to change the sensativity of the drums over USB. Its on the GH:WT website
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    Combing Files (HJSplit)

    Open WINRAR and goto File > Open Archive Under 'Files Of Type' at the bottom select 'all files' then your .001 file should show up. Select the .001 file and click open. Winrar will combine the files and show you the file inside it. you can then drag the file from Winrar to your desktop...
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    Internet Use Issue - Workgoup Vs .local domain

    Check that their DNS settings are picked up via DHCP and not set as static addresses in the TCP/IP settings of the laptop. If they are set to DHCP then it might be the DNS Cache on the laptop. When they are on their home network they should try running the command IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS
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    Undeletable Folders

    Two things to try (1) Boot up into Safemode With Command Prompt and delete from there (2) Boot up from your XP CD and get into the recovery console and delete from there
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    Safari 3 (browser) Public Beta available now!

    anyone else finding that it crash's when you put in any proxy authentication details ?
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    External HD problems

    If the drives are new out of the box then they will not have been partitioned and formatted. Right click on my computer and select manage. Select Disk Management. You should see your drives. Right click on the drive area and you will be able to partition it and format it. Once thats done...
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    svchost.exe using cpu @ 100%

    The problem is caused by the automatic update service looking for updates to MS Office products (this includes Outlook). I've been experiencing this problem at work when we moved from SUS to WSUS (which supports office updates) we've had to move back the old server. MS will recommend a few...
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    Transfer through Bluetooth?

    Right click on the mp3 and select send to > bluetooth device
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    PS2 to USB, keyboard; possible?

    Just do a search on ebay for 'USB to PS2 Adapter' There are loads, about £1.99ish
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    Missing Keys

    Seen this problem on some dell laptops (CPt / CPx machines). The heatsink for the CPU sits right underneath the problem keys and heats up the membrain and they stop working, let it cool down and they come back, eventually they die and it's a new keyboard job.
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    I bet you can't solve this one

    It could be your virus checker thats causing your shutdown problem. Some virus checkers like trend load up as a random series of characters to make them harder for viruses to shut down.
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    Windows 2000 AutoLogin Problem

    If you want to skip the auto login then hold down the shift key while windows boots up.
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    Where to buy dual-layer DVDs?

    10 for £20 on bigpockets is the cheapest i can find. There are dual layer -r on there too but they are over £4 a disk !!!!!
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    Freaking Out

    Boot up from your XP CD, select recovery and then recovery console At the recovery console type scandisk /r i think it is and that will scan your windows install and replace any missing files
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    Can't Read Flaky Floppy HELP!

    Try using a program called BadCopy Pro. It will recover data from floppies / HD's / CD/DVD etc.. without worrying about the file system being used. Works for me 99% of the time