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    Word Association

    Kung Fu
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    Comcast has a 250 gig limit on internet

    A year or two back Time Warner’s Road Runner had test markets for a 40 gig cap, after a while they steered away from it for now. The way Time Warner is headed I’m sure the cap will be back soon. The last few months Time Warner has been moving standard tier channels to the digital side “only...
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    system has issues with starting Windows 7?

    The disk boot error will happen if… The motherboard battery is dying and the bios are not getting saved. The cable to the harddrive has come loose or went bad. The harddrive is dying. I would start with a new mobo battery and check the cables to the drive “disconnect and reconnect…if...
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    Chinese keyboard

    What about E Bay, not sure if any of them are what you want but there are almost 200 on there now?
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    system keeps randomly retarting (no blue screen)

    I would say the problem was with the new PCI Bridge that the updated bios installed for some type of hardware that wasn’t in the system but could have been used with this new version of bios “this PCI Bridge could have been for anything” but because there was no hardware associated with it then...
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    Recommend; DVD Player/Recorder with Digital Tuner.

    As the title states I’m considering a home DVD player/Recorder with a Digital Tuner and have looked at some Toshiba’s and a Panasonic or two but they seem to have been on the market for awhile. I’m not sure what’s new or ready to be released so any recommendations and why you like the unit are...
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    computer stopped booting, motherboard fan also dead

    Re: Moved, computer stopped booting, motherboard fan also dead I’ve actually seen something similar happen when the motherboard battery died, because of the age and completely removing the system from power I would replace the battery. “May be of no use but worth a try as cheap as they are”...
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    Recover Windows XP Key from hard drive

    Been awhile since I had to do this but I don’t remember it being too much of a pain. Jellybean will do what you ask from an unbootable system. Below is taken from there site. (Another feature is the ability to retrieve product keys from unbootable Windows installations. Load Hive...
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    Wired Connection Fail

    I had that problem on a few XP systems a long time ago, if I remember right a couple of them reinstalling the drivers solved the problem but on one it was a power problem (I think) because I went into the properties, power management and unchecked the box to turn the device off to save power and...
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    Craigslist Posting

    Just seen this on the local Craigslist. Don’t ask what I was looking for when I came across this…at this point I don’t even remember!! Wanted: Old Microwaves & Elephant Recipes (Lee's Summit) Date: 2009-09-04, 10:40PM CDT Reply to: I want to build a giant microwave big enough to...
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    Error 1068?

    This fix is for an XP machine, I know nothing about Vista’s registry so it may or may not work but is worth a look. OSNN
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    Outlook 2002 Stuck in work offline

    Glad that helped, I know it was a hassle for me.
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    Error 1068?

    The dependency services I believe are. Plug and play Remote procedure call (RPC) See if these two services are started.
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    Outlook 2002 Stuck in work offline

    That’s real similar to what my situation was, except days before this I deleted the old http msn account but something must have lingered so I had to set the old account up again then delete it a second time. So what I did. I use the outlook backup utility every week to backup my pst...