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    my ten year aniversary

    Ahh happy memories and lots of time spent here back in the day, I cant believe its been 10 years too....if I look in the mirror I can :cry:
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    Funny Video Thread

    Not funny but hot as hell :)
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    Firewall question...Remember Sygate?

    Well firstly hello, its been a long time since I posted on fact it seems a lifetime ago. So i`ve finally moved from XP to Windows 7 and I need to install a firewall but would like one similar to Sygate which is now dead, any suggestions?. I like to see what data is being...
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    Happy Birthday Evil Marge!

    I came back from far far away to say Happy Birthday Evil Marge and may you have many more :laugh: .
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    which HD brand..

    Did no one mention Samsung :eek: i have 2 Samsung SpinPoint P SP1614N 160GB`s in my little shuttle setup, been running fine for nearly 2 years and close to silent too....just a shame they dont make any bigger ones.
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    Direct connect problems

    1) DC++ does this with me occasionally 2) Not many hubs like the neo-modus client anymore and certainly not old versions of it where slot locking could be used. 3) Azereus is good but give Bit-Comet a go which you can get Here
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    Saving streaming video to HDD

    I use Streambox for saving streaming videos/clips you can get it Here but Here is a list of all the stream recording programs....Which i got from Here again
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    SP2 Information & Support

    lol just my luck :rolleyes: well thats off to the recycle bin now.
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    SP2 Information & Support

    I pop in every day ...i just dont post often always something to new pda to play with...web page to do....sell things on ebay...and a wife to keep happy :( , but nice to see i`ve been missed :D
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    SP2 Information & Support

    How do i check as to what version it is ?...prior to installing :confused:
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    SP2 Information & Support

    I am downloading something from Microsoft now i think its sp2....the link is up 1 min then down the next so keep trying 30 Min's left and i will try it :cool: Sorry if someone has already posted the...
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    Amd Xp3200 Temps?

    Don't take this the wrong way ;) but your CPU cooler may be dirty (the air your fan blows down the fins can get blocked by a thick carpet of dust) i have seen many PC temps rise by 10c because of poor maintenance of the CPU cooler it needs cleaning (compressed air from the can is ok) i would...
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    UK Bargains Post Them Here

    Evesham Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB DDR AGP DVI TV-out £125 inc vat & del Evesham Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB DDR AGP DVI TV-out For a knockdown £125 inc vat and del from Here @ lowestonweb Cheap as chips :D
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    Goodbye....i was going to leave it with that but i thought with the time i have spent here in the past i would state why i am going (this is no way an attack on NTFS...just why i am going) 1st. Just before the big change where alot was lost my sig was altered and i am not going to repeat what...
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    Which video card do you use?

    Nvidia never sorted out the Tv-out feature ie..forced to buy Tv-tool so this time i bought a 9800pro very happy indeed Tv-out is great and rock solid stable. Dam post 1 again >no one call me a n00b ;)