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    Windows Messenger and Default Browser

    ohh, yeah, I'm running windows messenger, not MSN messenger, and I don't really have an option to do that here at work. We are running messenger on our exchange, and I don't think the MSN client has that option.
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    Windows Messenger and Default Browser

    which is exactly what my problem is... only in reverse
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    Windows Messenger and Default Browser

    ! windows update! anyways, I can't really switch to MSN Messenger for the task at hand, i've looked around but I can't find anything in the registry about URL handlers for it.
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    Windows Messenger and Default Browser

    strange, what versions of each are you using?
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    Windows Messenger and Default Browser

    Unfortunately I'm stuck with just basic Windows Messenger 5.0 for now...
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    Windows Messenger and Default Browser

    I am on my work computer and I need to have Windows messenger installed for our in office communcations. I also need to be able to open links from messenger in IE for certain oracle applications we use. This being said, I'm a firefox user, and I don't want to set IE to default browser, but...
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    2 client pcs don't see each other

    I'm losing you about right here... can you take a little time and explain this a little better?
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    ddr400 read as 333?

    you won't ruin anything, short of overclocking, you are getting all that you are going to get out of that setup.
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    I'm about 90% sure I've used thsi with NTFS and experienced zero problems
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    FTP Server

    Just like to put my vote to agree with Speedy_B on filezilla, pretty easy, free, and HEY, it ends in ZILLA, can it be bad?
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    How Tough Are You?

    This is no good, I read the thread title and thought to myself "YES, FINALLY, I can prove my manlyness to these girly mens" but no, I refuse to grate any part of my body.
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    Usb Mass Storage Device

    what does "it won't accept it" mean exactly? Does it recognize it? does it do nothing? is the drive NTFS?
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    17" or 19" LCD Monitor?

    19 inch LCD's are hard to get in resolutions higher then 1280x1024, which is aweful for a 19 inch screen. I wouldn't suggest getting a 17 inch either if you don't want to kill yourself. I use a 19 inch at work and only have 17 inch at home, and it now feels like a 15 inch, it sucks.
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    Looking for a site blocking program

    get a new router... seriously, not trying to be a jerk. I relatively cheap router (I know DLINK does it) can use keywords. You could block porn keywords and anything with say "teen" in the url would not be allowed to access.
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    Audio Popping Annoying!

    yes there is... interupt request conflicts...