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    Replacing Hew-Pac OS question

    The one that you really should be worried about is your network/modem drivers. There will be at least very basic video driver support out of the box, but there's nothing like formatting and not being able to access the net. That'll make it easy to download only the drivers you need once...
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    Promise killed my hard drives.

    The drive is back on the mobo IDE, and it's been stable ever since, but it shows 127GB instead of 186GB. The rest of the space has been declared to be bad clusters. It seems like it just decided to renege the 128GB+ compatability and roll back everything past a certain point.
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    Promise killed my hard drives.

    Sorry, I forgot I don't have my specs as a sig anymore. Asus A7N8X Deluxe v2.00 Barton 2500+ stock speeds and HSF 400Watt Codegen PSU 512MB Crucial PC2700 40GB Maxtor Verbatim 40x12x48x 200GB WD
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    Promise killed my hard drives.

    I picked up a WD 200GB SE hard drive from Dell a while back that came with a Promise ATA100 controller. I had a free IDE on my mobo (a7n8x dlx) so I just stuck it on there and didn't bother with the card, and it ran perfectly for the past few months. Then I got another HD, same kind at a day...
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    Random shut-downs

    Just this week, Windows started to randomly shut down on me. It hasn't yet happened while I've been around, only presumably after it shuts off the monitor, so unfortunately I can't put a time on it, though it has stayed on for as long as 7 or 8 hours, and sometimes as short as 1 hour or maybe...
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    Top 7 Idiots Of 2003

    A woman went into a bank, planning to rob it. To keep from looking suspicious, she sat down at first, and started filling out a loan application. She got up and gave a note to the teller, took the money and left. When the police came they found the application she was filling out still on the...
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    Funniest Television Series?

    Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama Scrubs!!
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    Good Music

    Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Amon Tobin Built To Spill, Modest Mouse, Ted Leo Off Minor, Orchid, Yage mmm, and the Charlie Brown Christmas cd
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    The big, fat audio thread.

    I'm using the nforce2 audio into a 190 watt Aiwa 4 speaker shelf system. Two three-way speakers and two "surround" speakers. I happened upon a free pair of Sony floor speakers though (2x12", 4", 2") which will go nicely with a 110 watt JVC receiver that's on it's way. The only thing I don't like...
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    Swap audio channels?

    Can't you just keep the speakers, swap the plugs, and have the cables criss-crossing?
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    KAZZA LITE question

    Try kazaa, two a's, one z.
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    Improve web page coding

    I always like the idea of validated code. You need to start with a declaration though, what type of code you're writing in, ie html 4.0, 4.1, xhtml, whatever. Make sure you close all your tags too, even the simple p or img tags. Not only is that a step in validating, it'll also make it easy to...
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    December Desktops

    VS: Hacked Classic v3 Wall: Enervated by Illusion WinAmp: EMP
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    my 2100+ at 666mhz

    That might have something to do with the Asus boards. I had a problem where every time I plugged in my DVD-Rom, the cpu went from 1.83blahblah to 1400mhz. Go in the BIOS and see if you can set "performance RAM timings".
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    Is there such a thing ?

    Right now phone companies run OC-48's or OC-192's between switches at up to 10Gbps, at about 85% throughput, works out to about 1.1GBps, which current RAM can already handle. Really high end servers run huge clusters with 4GB of RAM per processor and run entirely off of RAM, without hard drives...