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    Recommend - Easy,Basic CAD Drawin Software.

    Could someone recommend some Easy,Basic CAD drawin software please. I've never used anything like this before, I'm having a Detached Garage built in my garden and would like to have a go of designin somethin - To see what it looks like. THanks For Any info ;)
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    E-Mail Sticking In OutBox

    Problem solved - got this from another Forum - Hope its some use to others in the future !! ;)
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    E-Mail Sticking In OutBox

    Yeah they are actually sending - I'm getting them - ha ha But they are sticking in his Outbox and not going to his Sent Items
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    E-Mail Sticking In OutBox

    This is a post on behalve of a friend He is using Outlook Express 6 with Windows XP and has Norton Anti Virus. He has 5 E-mails stuck in his OutBox which sends each time he checks his mail, But they stay in his Outbox and don't go to his Sent folder, when closing Outlook Express it says...