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    Your Opinions: iphone vs smartphone

    I am tossed between the new Blackberry Curve and the iPhone only becasue the iPhone is WIFI... i will probably end with the curve as I am a market analyst with that being the standard in the indsutry i work but the wifi I do wish the curve had... free interent in otherwords...
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    creating a scheduled task question

    On the subject of scheduling... is it possible to run a program (itunes) and start it playing music (from a list) and end it later (i assume with this kill.exe command)?
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    May 2007 Desktop Screenshots

    aw, ok cool!
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    May 2007 Desktop Screenshots

    Hey Zeke_mo, did you shoot the northern lights yourself?
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    The Official Windows Mobile Discussion Thread

    Alright, thanks for the tip.
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    The Official Windows Mobile Discussion Thread

    I couldn't find it here but just did a quick skim, can I update my Moto Q for WM6? Also, is there a way to sync two accounts (personal email, contacts, calender & work email, contacts, calender) and merge them on the phone but have them separate as the are on my home and work computer...?
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    May 2007 Desktop Screenshots

    not bad, i like the wallpaper... here is mine using another custom photograph i took with my standard desktop setup...
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    How to build a network TV?

    I use the original sling box before they migrated to three versions and i must say it was worth the money spent. i believe as an alternative that sony offeres a similar concept that you might be interested in.
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    April 2007 Desktop Screenshots

    Thanks Gonaads!
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    April 2007 Desktop Screenshots

    it is, but cropped better making things more visually appealing when viewed... it is a large switch from when I used to have multipule desktops of which i downgraded 4 years ago when I begun university. Now graduating and am thinking about a Mac Pro, leaving windows behind but that might need to...
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    April 2007 Desktop Screenshots

    Here is mine for April. The background image was taken by myself. The rest is simple Windows XP. If you are interested in viewing more of my photography you can visit my DeviantArt site by clicking here.
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    XBOX 360 Elite Confirmed, Set for April 29 Release

    This has got me a little closer to wanting one, however, i am still gunning toward the ps3 strictly for its blu-ray options and wifi amoungst others. if xbox was hd without buying another component and wifi, i might go with it... i can play halo 3 when it comes out on my bros 360.
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    Watch a Photoshop-God in action!

    That is awesome!
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    Power of Together - Free Vista / Office 2007

    Damn, not for Canada either... :(
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    The Official Windows Mobile Discussion Thread

    Quick question, I am thinking about buying a MacBook Pro and iMac. I have always had a PC and I currently am using the Moto Q and loving its sync capabilities to my computer. If I make the switch, assuming I have Office for Mac, will I be able to use the phone just as I have done with my PC...