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    Nature - Wallpaper Gallery

    Thank you, kind sir. Those are breathtaking.
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    AveDesk widgets, where to get them?

    Thanks NetRyder. You have proven time and again, to be a prince among men. I just checked my PM and sent you off another desperate cry for help when I realized I had bugged you about Linux a few months ago. You're the best ! :D I also admire your site design, although the watermark...
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    AveDesk widgets, where to get them?

    I caught a glimpse of your September capture and must say I was truly floored. Can you point me in the right direction for the "Aero-Glass" skin for AveText? I've been looking at those two sites above and Google searches, but have turned up nothing...
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    Wallpaper Collection

    I'd be happy to help out if you want to provide a private FTP. I can try MSN messenger but I've been unable to do transfers beyond my router.
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    New OS X Transformation Pack Released for SP2

    Good lord, everything is turned upside down! No menu, no right click for display properties. I feel like Alice in BizarroLand. :eek: Can someone tell me how to access the menus and control panels? hehe :(
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    Wallpaper Collection

    Thanks, Geffy for rehosting. Now, if only you can get your hands on the Safari port for Firefox and it will be a fantastic day; as it stands, it's just a great day. :D
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    Firefox SAF (safari) released but w.i.p.

    Can someone kindly rehost the files with permission from Lynknot of coarse. I can't find any nice themes to use and discovered this Safari port. Looks amazing, btw.
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    Program for docking applications to taskbar?

    Hey guys, is there a program that will dock opened applications into the part of the taskbar that shares the time, system vitals (volume, display [ATI] icon, etc.) I don't like having certain programs like iTunes on the toolbar because it takes up too much precious space. I'd just prefer to...
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    osx screen savers! I WANT

    Wow that's great. It rivals even the uber cool, uber l337 Matrix screen saver from :D This will do nicely! I wonder how well it runs with a 2d card though. I remembered when I tried running the Matrix screen on my laptop with its 8mb video, it nearly choked..
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    Just Installed Daminator (OSX clone)

    Actually, less than 15 minutes. I just couldn't get a feel of it. Speaking of SP2, I tried installing the mod on a SP2 to see what would happen and I kept getting the ntskrnl.exe corruption error. Tried this twice before I wised up and threw SP1 in. Live and learn :D
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    Here is a truly AWESOME guide

    darn, should have known you guys were ahead of the curve on things. still good for those who may have missed the other thread, like me :D
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    Here is a truly AWESOME guide I've found nLite, a program that lets you strip out excess baggage in Windows and make a fresh bootable installation disc. My final size for XP-SP2 was a whopping 140MB and managed to bring my boot time down to a mere 10-15 seconds; the progress...
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    Just Installed Daminator (OSX clone)

    It was nothing special. I couldn't stand it and formatted/reinstalled. It was severely crippled leaving me nothing but the RUN command at my disposal. NOTHING was installed at the moment, but I guess MSpaint would have been good enough. bah.
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    Just Installed Daminator (OSX clone)

    I've been craving this look since I saw Iceman's OSX mod, but I can't believe how different it feels from Windows. I'm not use to this AT ALL. Certain things feel broken, and I'm still missing a few things like the Truelancher. The ObjectDock isn't that great; I liked Y'z Dock better...
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    Problems with pixelated icons

    I'm running 1280 x 1024. The zip/rar does not contain a readme, but they're the popular osx rip that apparently apple made a big fuss about. Looking at the properties they do infact appear to be 128x128. 11mb file of the rar can be dowloaded here...