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    CS problems

    try upgrading your driver or downgrade it. hope this helps.
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    Apple Shuffle Wont Work!!

    ya.. a maaan its seriously taking forever.
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    Apple Shuffle Wont Work!!

    I think it working, I had around 800 mg of disk space. I just deleted some of my files and boom, I had around 1.8 gigs left, restrated my comp and did the installation again. It seems to be formatting right now...says its rebooting my ipod... how long does this take? its taking forever...
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    Apple Shuffle Wont Work!!

    Yes thats what it exactly says, hang on leme get the message A Hi SPeed USB device is plugged into a non Hi Speed USB Port" something like that how do I get it to work? when I try formatting the apple it doesnt go all the way or doesnt work.
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    Apple Shuffle Wont Work!!

    As soon as I plugged in my shuffle to my USB port a message in my taskbar says "A deivce is plugged into a non high speed usb port, pllug in usb high port" Do I need to upgrade my USB card or what? I'm frustrated right now. I have windows xp, 1.6 gigs, intel P4
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    Toughest Game You've played

    Jagged Alliance 2 was a challenging game to beat. Its real time strategy, n its about this queen named Dedriana gaining power over the country; Arulco, and u have to stop her by getting back the towns influence. Inorder to accomplish this task, you are to hire a group of mercenaries, n u go from...
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    Upgrading my processor.

    im thinking about overclockin my processor, but i read somewhere that you cant overclock a processor in a dell.
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    Upgrading my processor.

    ya i think i'll go with you guys and upgrade my ram. But if i put another 256 stick in there, will everything run alot faster? and will my processor be able to run hl2? lol, cause all i care about is running hl2 beautifully on my rig lol
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    Upgrading my processor.

    I'am thinking about upgrading my processor. I currently have a 1.6 ghz intel pentuim 4. Now the reason why I want to upgrade a new one is because the games doesnt run smoothly when alot of things are flying all over the screen, tahts when game play is choppy, even though I have a radeon 9700...
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    What's everyone currently playing?...

    currently playin counter-strike 1.6, resident evil for gamecube, and resident evil 2, morrowind.
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    DirectX 9.0b 4.09.0902 nEw!

    will it increase frame rates?
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    A Team Working Multiplayer Game?? Any Ideas?

    If your looking for a multiplayer game then Halo should be the right one for you.
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    final fantasy help please

    which final fantasy?
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    HELP! I cant post anymore!

    LOL oh ya i remmeber now i chanegd my email account lol ya i got the re activation link. lol aiight thnxs guys.
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    HELP! I cant post anymore!

    na i didnt change the email. how would i re activate my account? will that delet my posts?