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    What is the best firewall?

    zonealarm anyday! been using it for the last 5 yrs or so and it has caused me no problems (yet)....
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    if i was purchasing wireless products, the thing i personally would pay most attention to is the security.. and this product is WPA compatible, which is good! 2nd point is 'performance'. the fact that you can interchange antennas means that you can adapt the device to ur operating environment...
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    Gigabyte Mobo & 250GB HDD?

    hi all i'm thinking of adding a 2nd hard drive to my system. i'm looking @ getting a 250GB WD one - just normal ATA100, not SATA... atm i have a GA-8I848E-L (gigabyte motherboard) and i'm not sure if my WinXP-SP2 will actually be able to 'see' all the 250GB of the hard drive cos i've read...
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    fast user switching error

    yes that is correct Admiral Michael. The booting into the OS is fine, and when a single user does log off it is ok. It only occurs when there are multiple users logged on and one of us logs off does this occur...
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    fast user switching error

    hey all just an issue regarding fast user switching... everytime there are multiple users logged on into the system and one of us logs off, the system will go through the normal log off process, then what happens is that a black screen (that should appear for only a few seconds) appears and...
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    XP Fast User Switching

    do u have admin privlidges? think it only works if you do
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    PC Organizer?

    well i've got a PDA and there sometimes not that good in comparison to a desktop version of things - like u can see ur appointments etc on a larger screen. U can use 'Palm Desktop' for free even without a PDA. try it, its got the same features as a PDA, give it a shot.
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    My Cd-rom Doesn't Work At All.

    is the pc a new one, cos when i got my new one, i had a DVD rom and a CDRW drive... the guys put the drives as the same master slave or something like that... that cause my burner not to work... this mite b a prb.
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    Midnight Club 2

    yeah i've tried reinstalling directX 9.0b and even the lastest graphics drivers, but it still has a prb... mite try direct X 9.1, see if it makes a difference. cheers
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    Midnight Club 2

    Its a winfast A310 LX - geforce FX 5600XT, 8x AGP 256 MB thx
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    Midnight Club 2

    i dunno, i think it might be a graphics card problem... Got a Leadtek/winfast A310. atm, tiger woods gold pga 2003, unreal tournment 2003 and airport ty**** 3 don't work cos of some problem with direct x saying not enough video card mem or something like that.
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    Midnight Club 2

    Just wondering if any other gamers are experiencing start up problems with midnight club 2? running winxp pro with SP1 installed thanks
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    Private Folders Help!!!

    thx a lot u guys... it worked and my files have been recovered! u guys have been a real help! thanks again :)
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    Private Folders Help!!!

    recently my old computer died on me, and i had a copy of windows xp pro installed... my profile at that time was placed as "make folder contents private". now that i have a new pc, i've connected my old hard drive and tried to access my files on the old hd, but it comes up as "access...