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Default cookie question

man, ie8 is just terrible keeping cookies, every time I run out of battery juice I lose recognition on some sites

but there's the rub, some sites keep my cookies, some sites lose them

any idea why that is and what I can do to get all sites keeping cookies?


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Default Re: cookie question

Sounds odd

Cookies are just text files so even if you run out of battery they're still there like any other file.
Unless the sites in question are only storing the data info in session (ie as long as the browser is open and you're on the site), which would then dissapear if you shutdown/close everything.
Perhaps the cookies aren't written before the laptop runs out of juice

Hard to know what to try. Make sure you are not blocking 3rd party cookies (just in case) or you have clear cookies on shutdown or something.

I'm sure there was something else i was going to say.... damn memory

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