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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by MysTiKaLz, May 24, 2002.

  1. MysTiKaLz

    MysTiKaLz Guest

    i dunno if it's just my computer.... but it literally takes 1 whole min to load zonealarm pro itself at startup... i mean, all my other startup programs, including av, load in like 5 secs, but zonealarm pro needs to take like one whole min... is it compatibility issue? i have p4 2.0 ghz, so i don't think its a slow processor problem
  2. 2z

    2z OSNN Gamer

    mines a bit slow as well - so I drag n drop the zone alarm icon out of the start up folder & onto the quick launch then just fire it up when I need it - now windows loads much quicker :)
  3. Perris Calderon

    Perris Calderon Moderator Staff Member Political User

    new york
    the national consensus is the new za needs to be given back
  4. I agree. I gave mine back and got a refund. My computer crashed twice (blue screen and all), which it had never done before.
  5. Gouk

    Gouk Guest

    i got mine for free and i didnt think it was worth it! POS
  6. MaDCeLL

    MaDCeLL Guest

    its never the tool... its the one that uses it !

    no probs @all with ZAP

    of 5 tested FWs the best so far...
  7. wassup_ken

    wassup_ken Guest

    i have the same problem, do you have McAfee Viruscan? i heard that causes compatibility problems, but i can't fix it.
  8. Sonny

    Sonny Guest

    ZA Pro 3.0 laods the true vector immediately for protection. It's the icon that appears slowly. Also McCrapforafee is a virus in of itself. It's the worst sofware you can have on your system and nearly impossible to uninstall.
  9. Perris Calderon

    Perris Calderon Moderator Staff Member Political User

    new york
    there's no question in my mind, za pro will be's such a bad the mean time, use the za free, or kirio...both free, why spend money, when no need?
  10. gothic

    gothic LinuXPert

    Cornwall Nr. England
    I'm more than happy with ZA Pro 3, and have had no problems with loading times etc.
    One small observation I have tho' is that it did seem to load a little faster when I turned off XP's own firewall (from services).

  11. johan.f

    johan.f Guest

    have you tried to tjek how many processes your computer is starting at boot/logon? and in what order they start?

    have you tried cleaning your registry files?
  12. Old_Snowy

    Old_Snowy Guest

    Just installed it yesterday and noticed it seemed to load slowly the 1st time but when turned on this morning it worked perfectly.Time will tell.
  13. Kr0m

    Kr0m Moderator

    Turtle Island
    Check in msconfig to see how many items are loading on startup. I had Norton, DU Meter, and ZA loading on boot in the startup, plus a few other behind the scenes apps. When I disabled a couple programs from loading on boot, ZAP3 loaded fine.
  14. johan.f

    johan.f Guest

    i'm using zapro and have for some time there are sometimes problems but they are mostly related to other conflicting software.
    if you are using realtime virusprotection turn it of before installing.
    dont use more than one firewall unless you really now a lot about ports and protocols.
    dont expect networkrelated software to work correctly before restarting after installing. not even on xp.(sorry Bill)
  15. mcoons

    mcoons Guest

    I'm happy with ZA Pro now that I have turned off the privacy options. They were preventing IE 6.0 from opening all the images on some websites and preventing access completely to others.

    Like someone else mentioned ZA has been a good product for years and I'm sure ZoneLabs will address these problems.
  16. Hipster Doofus

    Hipster Doofus Good grief Charlie Brown

    Melbourne Australia
    I don't have a problem with it. Once it is configured it's a beeze. I even can forget it is there & the only reason I know it's working is that I use it to wacth my browsing activity from the task bar.
  17. johan.f

    johan.f Guest

    that may be because it's too open have you tjekt you securety?
    try letting symantec scan your machine!
  18. Phantom_24

    Phantom_24 Guest

    Problem for me too!!

    Was AWESOME the first couple of days on XP last week, then BAM, all of a sudden it ddin't like starting up with XP, even though I didn't install anything after that that would effect/conflict with it's/XP's startup!! So I did the same thing, I removed it from my startup folder, and jsut start it up when and AFTER the system is up and running. And can't be from TOO many apps starting up at the same time, cause all I have in the sys tray is Norton 2002, and in MSCONFIG is my Quicken/Iomega Zip apps !!

    And on top of that, it screws with me logging on to site forums like XPerince here, in fact it WON'T let me log on...even though I have web site/security/cookie set to Medium!!

  19. burgerbern

    burgerbern Guest

    I use za Pro 3.0.118 and mine takes about 30 - 45 secs to load as well, but other than the annoying trying to autodial the internet at startup now cured by disabling publishers certification check in explorer or something its great. I am sure they will cure the annoying bugs in the next release/