ZoneAlarm Pro and NAV 2002

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Vikash, May 21, 2002.

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    I've recently installed these two programs, and have since found that most of the time when XP starts up, it immediately hangs. You see the desktop and taskbar, but no tray icons. And if you hover the mouse over the taskbar you see the hourglass. I have to ctrl-alt-del to restart, and use F8 to get to last known good configuration.

    Yesterday I tried set ZA to NOT load on startup, and it seems to work fine then.

    Is this a known problem?
  2. Perris Calderon

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    the new za pro is clinky, poorly written, give it back
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    Get Nortons Personal Firewall. More informative to threats than ZAPro.

    As you already have NAV, the two will work together NPFW will stop attacks and NAV will stop any activex and email viruses/trojans.
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    Norton Internet Security (regular or professional) is a great addition to any PC. It's very easy to setup, very easy to use, and very informative. It also intergrates with Norton SystemWorks 2002. I strongly recommend NIS 2002.
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    I've been using ZoneAlarm Pro (without any problems) for a few years now, but they can keep version 3.0. It sucks!

    Just a few negative user reviews from CNET (51% thumbs down)

    "Sorry that I didn't read before I download!"
    I guess I have to say my luck is not with me. I have so much problem with ZoneAlarm Pro 3!!! I thought the new version should improve, but I'm SO WRONG! How come it works so well with other people and not with me? Is this a beta version or final version? With so much bugs, it should be only beta version... I think this is a great program "IF" it works smoothly! I know in the previous version 2.6, worked so nice. I just want others to be careful if they have important data on their machines. Backup everything before you install ZoneAlarm Pro 3.0.118. If you are lucky, it might work nicely. If you are like me, you will spend hours trying to get rid of it... BE WARE!!!

    "Oh so unstable.."
    System lockups, lockups, lockups... ZA3 is NOT ready for prime time. Did many weird things. Stay with 2.6. Once you install 3 you can't really go back without residual problems.

    "Now where can I start...?"
    Unbelievably bad program. Simply a disgrace. Just some of the problems I encountered are: It stops Norton Anti-Virus 2002 from working on start up. True Vector is terrible. Took me a whole afternoon to uninstall every component, as the uninstaller does nothing. Takes up more resources than Windows itself. Really hard to navigate around, unlike the previous versions. Where the hell is the tech support? Never remembers which programs have been given server rights etc. Gives some programs server rights without asking. Takes an eternity to load at startup. (and I'm on a nippy 1Ghz P3 PC) And what I find the worst irriating is the fact that it confliacts with EVERY filesharing program on my system. I have to shut down ZA, open up say Grokster or Audiogalaxy then run ZA again. This gives hackers time to access my machine and allows programs to access the internet without my knowledge. And there are so more compatibility problems and conflicts with other programs. I know it's tempting to download this, but PLEASE don't. It really isn't worth the time. You'll just want to uninstall after the 1st 5 mins and it'll take you all day just to do it. Here's what you do... Download version 2.6.362 Pro instead from a file-sharing network
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    couldn't agree more ZA 3 is a pile of s@@t.

    it blocks things allright, blocked everthing on my laptop at work, couldn't get email, cookies etc were all blocked. Everytime i booted it got worse, so now it has been filed in the bin and I'll try another personal firewall.

    well done ZA, you stuffed a great app