Zone Alarm Pro / True Vector crashes

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dj_karl, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. dj_karl

    dj_karl Guest

    I'm getting alot of true vector problems in zone alarm this is cause system instability and also, many system freezes?

    has anyone else got any experiances of this ?
  2. WebDome

    WebDome Guest

    I did. I switched to Agnitum Outpost Firewall. Difference is: agnitum doesn't have pop up blockers, but has ad blockers. Works much better than ZAP, quick starting time, no crashes.
  3. gothic

    gothic LinuXPert

    Cornwall Nr. England
    Been using ZAP for about 2 years without a single hitch. But True vector problems??
    What other software do you have in startup / or to autostart in the registry?? (I was thinking specifically of any soundblaster audio software!!) and try dissabling them one by one to see if there are any clashes.
  4. Etrigan

    Etrigan Guest

    I had been using the old version of Zonealarm quite happily on XP for quite a while, and then they emailed me and recommended that I upgrade to the latest version.

    From the moment I installed it, I had horrendous problems. It kept crashing my machine, I tried erasing all the old settings, and reinstalling it several times, but when it nearly trashed my hard disk, I gave up and emailed their tech support. Despite contacting them several times, after a fortnight I still had no reply, so I switched to 'Sygate Pro 5.0' which works perfectly for me. The interface is not as flashy as Zonealarm tried to be, but in my opinion it is better. The only cute feature I missed was the renaming of email attachments.

    Amusingly, over a month later Zonealarm tech support finally contacted me, but I told them that they were too late, and their definition of 'support' was certainly not the same as mine.
  5. dijital

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    i agree. i was using zonealarm pro with no problems for a while. then i updated to a new version which gave me all sorts of not problems, but inconveniences. the ad blockers and pop up blockers didnt work for $hit. i recently updated again and it looks like they fixed most of the privacy settings luckily.