"Your Half-LIfe CD is currently in use"

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by shorty420, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. shorty420

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    I'm getting this error. I need to know how to fix it. I have never given my cd key out to anyone at all, and I just tried to play today and when I try to connect I get this error. Someone please help me out on this one. I bought the game over 2 years ago and I will not buy another copy even though I know it will fix the problem.
  2. Bluecat

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    It seems someone got your cd key # somehow or maybe you were banned from the WON servers? If you go to sierra's site, I believe there's information there as how to get a new key. It may involve you sending your cd to them and they send you a new one + a key. ($10 US IIRC)
  3. notoes

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    I herad from a friend said that valve made some duplicate up to 5 of them of the same key, so it's possible someone who bought game with your same cd-key was on. But that's just what i heard
  4. shoulin

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    cheaters should be banned
  5. Misfire

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    this happens with me sometimes, rarely anymore. I just wait like 5-10 minutes then i can go back and play.

    i've given my cd key to people, i can still play with them.
  6. shorty420

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    shut up. I bought the original retail copy waaaay back when it came out right before they released the game of the year edition. I don't cheat, have never been banned from a server, and don't have any plans of cheating. So get out of my post if you dont' want to say something intelligent. Back to the subject. It worked last night so I dunno what the problem is. If it happens again I may just figure out how to get a new CD-Key from Valve.
  7. Grandmaster

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    shorty420, calm down, I think he said that comment for catch23.. ;)
  8. shorty420

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    ok my bad. If he wanted to direct his comment at him then he should have quoted. That's what the quote button is for. Sorry bout that didn't mean to flame or get pissed off like that.
  9. Kr0m

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    Doh, was gonna offer you my key, since I don't play HL. No idea why I bought it. It's the GOTY edition though, won't be much good to you.
  10. shorty420

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    no a hl cd-key is a hl cd-key. It doesn't matter what version you buy as long as you have a valid cd-key.
  11. LilBlueDawg

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  12. Misfire

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    that is also a cheat thou. anyone caught using it will be tag as a cheater.

    its what valve says..
  13. Geffy

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    I would give you my key as well, but my disc got nicked a few times at boarding school so I dont know if the key is already in use.
  14. Stircrazy

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    lol where were you guys when i couldnt get mods to work on CS retail I bought that but HL i borrowed from a friend and eventually he gave me it but he ended up giving key to to many ppl that he let use the game lol so now i can play online with CS just not HL atleast it had good enough single for a awhile lol
    and a few good single player mods
  15. xinside

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    This happens when you disconnect from a server but the server still counts you as being there.. laggy servers..