Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Chensu, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. Chensu

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    Just got an email about my RMA'd PC components. Turns out the motherboard was duff!

    Ive never had that before, usually its the mem or cpu that is faulty, oh well at least Im getting replacement. :D

    The supplier also asked if I wanted to change my order, so I did!! Ive changed the motherboard to:-

    MSI KT3 ULTRA2-R Mainboard with sound
    VIAKT333, ATA/133,Raid, ATX, USB2.0

    The original (that was faulty) was the same, but without raid. Seeing as I have 2 identical HDDs, I figured I can use RAID better :)

    Also ordered this CPU cooler to replace the Glacialtech Igloo2320 :-

    GlobalWin CPU-Fan Socket A/7/370/FCPGA
    TAK68, Up to 2,1GHz

  2. Zedric

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    I suppose you'll want to use RAID 0. Be warned though: Make backups often! If something happens to a RAID 0 array, all data is lost beyond recovery.