Yet even more halflife problems..

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by rush, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. rush

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    Alright problem number one.. I still only get 60fps in all halflife mods even after using the nvidia refresh rate fix. I turn off vsync and i get up to 70fps. I have a geforce3 ti200 with a 1.4ghz athlon tbird & 512mb pc2100 ddr ram, so hardware isnt the problem. Any suggestions?

    Problem two.. everytime I play team fortress classic, no matter what server, i always get disconnected a few times during play. Sometimes 1min into the game, sometimes 10min, and always on the map change. I get the message 'Connection to server timed out'. My ping is usually between 25-115 and it still happens. It only does this in tfc though. Any idea whats wrong and how to fix it?

  2. Ci2e

    Ci2e XPert

    Try a new modem; or upgrading drivers...
  3. P-R

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    fps_max 100 in console to max the fps
  4. rush

    rush Guest

    Why a new modem? I'm on cable.
    As for drivers, its done this on all the drivers i've used.

    Also tried that, no luck. :(


    I turned off vsync and my fps went up to 70, which still isnt good enough. I want 100fps dammit! I know I'm capable of 100fps cause I get more than that in RTCW and MOHAA. WTF is wrong with halflife :confused:
  5. Ci2e

    Ci2e XPert

    Thats a different Engine in Q3A i get 120FPS and in Tribes 2 i get like 40FPS max! no I'm not happy about that but the only solution is to upgrade your video card... someone whispering GeForce 4?
  6. Electronic Punk

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    Never really understood this... As lng as a game doesn't jerk I am happy.

    I thought we could only register 30fps in ur erm brains anyway, why would you need 120 ??
  7. HellyHans

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    171 not really..

    No upgrading your vid card isn't gonna solve your

    Your video card is powerfull enough to handle Halflife..olol..

    Don't think you need a GF4... ( Your work for Nvidia??..lolol )

    Yeah well without the mods, I get like 60-70.. turning of the v-sync didnt change anything.. So next thing I'am gonna try is getting the refresh rate fix from Nvidia and gonna see what I get in Fps... gonna check that tonight..


  8. exo

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    hey, if your getting a solid 60 fps or a little above that is good because: Your eyes can only notice/recognize up to 60 Frames Per Second. so your all good =p
  9. Dubbin1

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    Re: fps

    Make that 30 fps. Just because you have 2 eyes don't mean you get to double it :)
  10. Misfire

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    lol but you still regonize the difference in framerates:D
  11. Fatman

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    I had a similar problem with TFC and it being limited to 60fps, but the new nVIDIA 28.32 drivers seem to correct the problem. I now am getting 99fps like I was before I installed XP.
  12. rush

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    I installed the 28.32's also but it didnt work for me. :(
  13. Fatman

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    OK, one of the other fellas in DIVISION had the same problem because of the way he went about changing the drivers. For nVidia drivers nowadays you should go to the Control Panel, then Add/Remove, and select nVidia Windows 2000/XP Dsiplay Drivers. Click remove. Restart your comp and then double-click the newest version.
  14. jeffie

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    Thats the only res u can get 100 fps
  15. koko

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    not true jeffie. i run everything at 1024 x 768 and get 100fps in half life mods. :p
  16. rush

    rush Guest

    Alright. I uninstalled my drivers, rebooted, reinstalled the drivers, rebooted, and still only get 60fps in halflife on any res. :(
  17. Tekkobra

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    There is a new verson of the 2000/XP refresh rate fix that is designed for Detonators 28.32 it was released on March 26 2002

    Here is the link.:D

    Nvidia Det 28.32 Refresh rate fix
  18. eGoalter

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    it is a proven fact the human eye cannot see more than 60 fps,
    but it is possible to have fps so high that it looks like its jerking because its skipping frames, so really its no use in having more than 60, it is not possible to tell the difference unless you go from 60 to like 120. in which case the screen will look jerky but actually its your eyes. i tried at 60 hz, on nascar 2002 and on 100hz. no difference at all. im with electronic punk, lol as long as it doesnt jerk,and you get smooth gameplay why bother, the refreshrate
    at 60 can put strain on your eyes, so u up it to 75hz mabey 85?
    thats all its good for.......;)
  19. beakjones

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    Ive had a lot of friends who have bad fps in cs because of their geforce3 cards, something about them isnt good in cs for some reason, anyway, my geforce2 Ti, its very nice in cs, worst fps ive ever seen so far was 217
  20. eGoalter

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    what in the world do you need with 217 fps? or whateva. the human eye can see no more than 60 fps, so the rest of that is useless, i would rather turn on v sync and improve the image quality 300 times, and still have it run just as smooth, hehe...are you running cs in 400X300 8 bit color or somthing to get 217fps? nah im just funnin wit ya...sorry, lol
    ive never seen that high on any machine sure somthing isnt reading the fps right. if it is it wont be long before your monitor and video board fry on ya...

    really i bet cs looks so much better if you turn v sync on.
    put all that wasted fps to use some where,lololool
    it will run smoother any way with vsync on as long as it doesnt drop below 30 fps...;)