Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by engel59, Jun 14, 2002.

  1. engel59

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    Now here is a cool program.


    This program allows you to download your Yahoo Email without having to pay for their POP3 service. And it's LEGAL. :D
  2. zoey

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    is it hard to set up? I took a peek and said to E mail for configurations?
  3. engel59

    engel59 Guest

    It's pretty easy to setup.
    I just followed the Outlook XP settings. I use Outlook 2000 and Windows XP. The order is a little different but I figured it out.
    I left the User Agent default alone; "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98) YahooPops/0.2". Just read the help file, it will tell you what everything does.

    You will need to add the YahooPOP to your start menu or make sure you load it before you open Outlook. If you don't you will get a connection error when it starts to check your yahoo account you created.
  4. Phreak This

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    Learn to set it up. If you dont know how to setup a pop3 account, your going to be in trouble down the line. Please, no offense, I am just trying to let you know that if you dont know, look it up and learn something new..
    Just come back, let us know what your trying to setup and we will help. Thats why we are all here..:D
    No one knows everything but avoiding it just cause you dont know, wont get you anywhere..
  5. zoey

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    Before you go around telling me what I should learn, you should learn some manners. I never asked him how to set it up. only asked him if it was hard. The web site tells you to e mail them for configs. AGAIN I only asked if it was hard.:p
    By the way I'm not a DUDE!!!!!!!
  6. Armis36

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    I gotta agree with Zoey. Chill out Phreak. You should check out the site before you get too harsh. Each configuration is different, depending on the which mail program your using. Yahoo!Pops does not come installed with the config info, you have to e-mail them to get it. Even then, it doesn't always work and you have to play around with it.
  7. engel59

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    YahooPOP 0.3.2 for Windows is released.

    I just got this email:

    Hi Everyone,

    YahooPOPs 0.3.2/Windows has been released. This
    release has minor enhancements but is primarily a
    maintenance release.

    1) Quiet (Silent) mode added. When enabled no dialogs
    popup when emails are being downloaded.
    2) Configuration details were not being saved. This
    has been fixed.
    3) User agent persistence bug fixed.
    4) Fixed bug in LIST response which prevented it from
    working with Eudora.
    5) Configuration details for nPOP added to Help

    Download it from the usual place:

    With Regards,