Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by FiGgY, Mar 6, 2002.

  1. FiGgY

    FiGgY Guest

    all of a sudden when i try to join a chat room using Yahoo! Pager nothing happens (No popup windows for chat)
    anyone have any clues as to why?

  2. hohner

    hohner Guest

    I have the same problem, have tried re-installing yahoo messenger several times but it didn't help. Can someone please help us?
  3. stuppy

    stuppy Guest

    Only thing I can think of that affects me being able to get into chat rooms is that if i have a Proxy set in connection details, then i am unable to join a chat room.

    Other then that sorry, don't use it much.
  4. hohner

    hohner Guest

    Hey FiGgY,

    If you still have the problem try this, it worked for me.....
    First of all, I downloaded some updates for Windows XP from the microsoft website, and out of curiosity I created a new account with Yahoo. As I tried both methods, I can't say which one worked but the new account works perfectly, the old one - I can't even login now, it says username and password error so I just use the new one now. Hope this helped you.